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  • Dmz

    DayZ is kind of a weird game because we basically all play on the same teams forever. In pretty much every other FPS, the teams get mixed up over the course of the night, and the guy that just killed you over and over is now saving your ass. Let's use this thread for GG's, nice shot's, and whatever else :)

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    Re: Dmz

    I'll start with a [mildly redacted] AAR from Tuesday night where we got owned by Yt :D

    9:30 – I login, only one on the server. Decide I’m going to just relax a bit and take the cesna out for a nice relaxed sight-seeing flight around the islands. Sarge logs in a few minutes later, I invite him along, and we do a nice little ~20-minute sunset tour of both islands. After flying around the Sabina area and checking out the great-wall-of-sabina :p from the air for the first time, we land softly back at base; sarge and I log out for the restart.

    10:04 – Server fills up as usual. JB and Squinty take one truck out, Spur and Saw take another out, and Sarge and I hop in the plane to return him to his car at the airfield. I touch and go at the airfield, and then scout out the small island. One helo-crash at the airfield which Sarge goes to investigate, but that’s it.

    10:20 – I realize I forgot my NVG’s at base, so I rendezvous w/ Saw and Spur, who grabbed them for me. Spur stays in the truck, Sawviper hops in the copilot seat, and we continue scouting.

    10:30 – No love on the chopper-crash front on the small island, so we decide to RTB. Due to some recent killings near base, JB suggests we all arrive at the same time and we do. Trucks get there and I touch down safely. We stop by KP outside our makeshift plane-hangar. CRACK! SHOTS FIRED. Saw’s down w/ a broken leg, and I book it around through the gate into the relative saftey of the makeshift hangar. It sounded like the shots came from the woods to the North East! Saw bleeds out almost immediately while I close the hangar gates from the inside. Spur, squinty and JB all mobilize to eliminate the threat. The CB crackles “Sic Semper Tyrannous!” and then something about “whiskey” and “hero skin”… we immediately recognize Yt’s voice.

    10:50 – No hostiles found. I recover saw’s NVGs and throw them in a truck. I pause momentarily inside the hanger to flip some gear from my pack to my main CRACK CRACK! SHOTS FIRED! I’m down, I’m bleeding, I’m dead. o_0 “NOW my job is done! Sic semper tyrannous.” the CB crackles. JB and squinty continue searching for the assassin, while spur maintains an overwatch postion.

    11:30 – JB and squinty take the vodnik to pick up me and sawviper.

    12:00 – We RTB, and JB and Spur need to log, leaving myself, squinty, and saw to stow the plane, which was left outside the hangar after the hits. Squinty takes an overwatch position, while saw and I go to park the cesna. Yt is still on, but it’s been 90 minutes or so since last shots. Regardless, we decide to drive the Vodnik around to screen while we open the outer KP… which we’re able to do without incident. Hangar gates open, I pull the vodnik around and in.

    12:15 – We recover as much gear as possible from my body and sawviper’s [who died outside the gates], and then I go to stow the plane. I run out to the plane, start taxing forward, make the U-Turn to align with the open gate. BLAP! I’m dead! My body tumbles out of the pilot's seat. “Sounded close!” Sawviper: "He’s inside! Damnit I’m down! I’m.... wait! No I might come-to! c’mooooooooon hourglaaass!” “**** HES TAKING THE VODNIK” Saw comes-to just as the vodnik starts shrinking into the distance. With shakey hands and blurred vision, he rips off a couple of tire-aimed shots, but no lucky impacts.

    12:20 – Saw heals up, recovers my gear from beside the plane, and then he and Squinty log. At that point, Zippy spawns-in and starts driving to pick me up from the beach. I get a good birth in the Boye area, and I start running north to the bridge head. As I’m running along the curves south of the bridge, I hear an engine ahead – I dive in the bushes and, as expected, ‘our’ Vodnik rumbles by... sad_panda.jpg

    12:35 – Zippy picks me up at the tollbooths, and we RTB. As we’re driving, Yt asks if he can come in channel, and we welcome him. We exchange GG’s and excitedly rehash the evening’s events. Lowspeed pops in channel too, and we (me, zippy, low & Yt) have a nice chat. Yt explains how he was there, watching from the first flight, but because Sarge was with us he decided to hold fire and be patient. Zippy and I light a fire and at base, and we go on to talk about satchel charges, the role of basebuilding, regional loot, interpersonal dynamics on the server, how there's no such thing as 'endgame', etc, etc.

    1:10 – I start trying to sleep

    2:30 – or so.. adrenaline finally absorbed, I tap out.

    5:45 – alarm clock goes off. ****.

    Anyway – good times! Much respect Yt – that was pretty epic.


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      Re: Dmz

      That was a lot of fun and despite it seemingly coming off as perfectly planned on my side it
      was terribly haphazard and incredibly lucky.

      Figure that I attend the area well before hand and do some careful recce and notice many
      patterns and locations. I had gotten their only to rid the earth of the tyrannous bandit group
      known as the 12th Dragoon's leader, Whisky Six. Knowing the fact that assassination is best
      done as a hit and run with limited and specific resources I left with little more than a tried and
      true CZ 550 and ten rounds. I could of brought something more but I thought it'd be a good
      statement to kill the million dollar tyrant with a two bit gun ;D.

      Not spoiling too much of my tactics or maneuvers the entire situation was adrenaline pumping.
      That view of the key pad and you as you left the plane was not ideal and I had to look through
      many trees and branches and leaves for a small area. Its smart that you've since changed the look up.

      I will say that the fact that night time came shortly after it was no accident. I find it better to move
      around without aggro at night and it also hinders the peripheral dots that telegraph urban movements.

      Was it really a two hour affair... man it didn't feel like that!

      It was a very fun bout and I was incredibly lucky because despite you guys never seeing me I never
      saw the other sentries despite being close enough at one point to hear the silenced rounds of an M4SD!

      Sorry about the short amount of sleep! :D

      What did you guys think about the radio channel whisper list? I thought that was a nice touch!


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        Re: Dmz

        Nice job YT! I gotta say i am impressed with the CZ and only 10 rounds, that's ballzy dude! Unlike most of the "big Babies" of the server you show the potential fun and success one man (never mind an organized group), can have, in this game. I'm sorry I missed it, hope to see you again soon. ;)
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          Re: Dmz

          <'google translation>

          vodnik back please



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            Re: Dmz

            Originally posted by whiskeysix View Post
            <'google translation>

            vodnik back please



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              Re: Dmz

              Great story (the one about yt)!

              But it wasn't until I read the "Google translation" thread, and then read this again that I really busted a gut about "vodnik back please." ROFL!
              "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw




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