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  • DayZ 1.8 Changelog

    This deserves it's own thread:

    DayZ Mod Changelog

    Version 1.8 (due to the game changes added version has been updated to reflect)

    * Release Between - 07/09/2013 - 14/09/2013

    Affected addons:

    * dayz
    * dayz_anim
    * dayz_code
    * dayz_server
    * st_bunnyhop
    * st_collision
    * st_evasive

    Serverside affected addons:

    dayz_server (server admins only)
    Mission (server admins only) (Prerequisites) Downloaded from http://www.silentspy...sion-generator/
    BattlEye-Filters (server admins only)
    SQL Files (server admins only)


    * [NEW] - Completely reworked inventory design.
    * [NEW] - Spawn selection. (Balota, Berenzino, Cherno, Elektro, Kamenka, Solnichniy and Random) Server admins can choose to enable/disable. (DEFAULT: ENABLED)
    * [NEW] - You may now access another player's gear if they are unconscious.
    * [NEW] - Medbox1 and foodbox1 found at infected camps.
    * [NEW] - Medbox1 added to hospital
    * [NEW] - Object orientation system for better placement (will allow more control on object placement tents, stash, camo nets, tanktraps, sandbags, wirefence)
    * [NEW] - Added item Camonet. (Helicrash, Military)
    * [NEW] - Camo nets will be removed within 24 hours of owners death.
    * [NEW] - Loot locations (Land_a_stationhouse, Land_HouseV2_04_interier, Land_Mil_Barracks_i, Land_SS_hangar)
    * [NEW] - Log Suspicious weapons, kills with local vehicles and one shoot kills.
    * [NEW] - Hold/carry functionality to gear.
    * [NEW] - Weapon switch 1, 2, 3 keys function as hotkey. (1 => rifle, 2 => pistol, 3 => melee)
    * [NEW] - Added plants model antihack.
    * [NEW] - Death screen function. (Player will be moved to lobby after a 5 second timeout.)
    * [NEW] - ShackTac Movement addons - This addon causes your weapon collision with the environment to be significantly toned down, meaning that you can now move sideways through doorways and generally find CQB to be enjoyable, versus feel like a rusted robot trying to navigate a terrifying alien world called 'indoors'. Try it out and see, it's simple and very noticeable.
    * [NEW] - Vehicle - UH1H_DZ2 with Desert Skin.
    * [NEW] - Crafting system implemented (All recipes must be discovered by crafting).
    * [NEW] - Fishing has now been added.
    * [NEW] - 1 new food item, 1 New melee weapon, New fish models.
    * [NEW] - Crafted Traps. (Punji Trap, Tripwire (Cans), Tripwire (Decoy), Tripwire (Flare), Tripwire (Smoke), Tripwire (Grenade), Bear Trap (Grenade), Bear Trap (Flare), Bear Trap (Smoke))
    * [NEW] - Crafted Medical. (Makeshift Bandage, Makeshift Splint (Wood), Makeshift Splint (Metal), Bloodbag (Transfusion Ready))
    * [NEW] - Crafted Weapons. (Nailed Bat, Barbed Wire Bat, Sledge Bat, Batchete, Chloroform Rag, Makeshift Machete, Makeshift Sledgehammer)

    * [FIXED] - Readded Bear trap to loot tables. (TrapBear)
    * [FIXED] - Zed direction issue when under chase condition. (should stop them keep turning)
    * [FIXED] - Issue where you'd get stuck after the tackle animation.
    * [FIXED] - Infection divide by zero error.
    * [FIXED] - Updated all zed movement systems to fall in line with the re-added LOS and Angle of attack checks. (This should improve zeds reaction times & make sure target is in hitting range)
    * [FIXED] - Balanced Zed damage Normal returned to .7 Viral kept at 50% higher rate. (Both types can still knock players unconscious)
    * [FIXED] - Viral zed's base damage updated to be Normal zed's highest damage output.
    * [FIXED] - Small updated to overall damage output.
    * [FIXED] - Major dupe, reconnect dupe and body dupe.
    * [FIXED] - DayZ Loadingscreen if people have ACR.
    * [FIXED] - Eating and drinking in vehicles.
    * [FIXED] - Infection will now be properly removed at tents after logout
    * [FIXED] - Re-added Beartrap to loot tables.
    * [FIXED] - Death body doesn't disappear any more if the player disconnected too fast.
    * [FIXED] - BattleFieldClearance antihack.
    * [FIXED] - Hospital wallhack.
    * [FIXED] - Antihack.
    * [FIXED] - Removed benches in the middle of the NWAF barracks entrance.
    * [FIXED] - Loot will now be more random within the weaponholders. (We wont allow two items of the same type in each pile)
    * [FIXED] - Medical actions performed in vehicles now work properly.
    * [FIXED] - BIS_Effects AirDestruction bug that sets the world on fire.

    * [UPDATED] - Quick switch now has action menu swapping.
    * [UPDATED] - PV optimization. (should remove some unwanted traffic)
    * [UPDATED] - Czech, German, Spanish, French and Russian stringtable.
    * [UPDATED] - Missionfile is now much smaller.
    * [UPDATED] - Replaced combat roll with Shacktac Bunny Hop.
    * [UPDATED] - Removed attack call from FSM due to latency. Playing who spawned the zed may not be the player the zed is attacking.
    * [UPDATED] - Security updates.
    * [UPDATED] - Updated hospital loot.
    * [UPDATED] - Increased angle of attack.
    * [UPDATED] - Infection base chance.
    * [UPDATED] - Removed all trash items from building loot tables and replaced with a generic table (better organisation)
    * [UPDATED] - Viral Workers have now been assigned home locations. (MilitarySpecial, Military,Industrial) (harder to spot)
    * [UPDATED] - Viral Villagers have now been assigned home locations. (Supermarket,Farm,Residential) (easy to spot)
    * [UPDATED] - Max smoke target range to 50.
    * [UPDATED] - Loot spawning radius reduced from 120 to 70.
    * [UPDATED] - Spawn delay reduced from 300 to 150.
    * [UPDATED] - Humanity gain over time for bandits.
    * [UPDATED] - Auto continue when mission loads for first time.
    * [UPDATED] - Antiwallhack.
    * [UPDATED] - Land_Mil_Guardhouse Now spawn's a max of 3 zeds down from the default of 6
    * [UPDATED] - Players may now administer antibiotics to other players
    * [UPDATED] - Players may now switch seats while in a helicopter (back seat, gunner, pilot).
    * [UPDATED] - Removed non SD mags from SD weapons, Removed SD mags from non SD weapons. (weapon configs)

    * [REMOVED] - Vehicle damage spam log.
    * [REMOVED] - Collision system from tents, stash's, camo nets (Should allow storage system to be placed in better locations)
    * [REMOVED] - Difficulty system due to issues with official hive. (Official hive cant hold multiple difficulty levels)
    * [REMOVED] - Removed ArmA 2 squad command menu (0-9 or F1-F12)
    Above is the proposed change log for release between - 07/09/2013 - 14/09/2013
    Change log has already been passed by Rocket. Hopefully the next release's should follow pretty fast.

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    Re: DayZ 1.8 Changelog

    I miss this game.

    Looks like its heading in the right direction.


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      Re: DayZ 1.8 Changelog

      Looks like these would be fun additions, and they finally gave us the option to spawn at one of the coastal towns rather than random. I might have to update to play this again.

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