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A tale of 3 dead bandits and finding a helicopter location

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  • A tale of 3 dead bandits and finding a helicopter location

    Tale of three dead bandits...

    Napoleon, Striker and myself loaded into a regular server with 10~ people on it plus ourselves. At load I was overlooking the NEAF, Striker was down in Berezino and Napeoleon was just northeast of Balota. We'd made the call to hit medical facilities trying to find a blood test kit and then go about filling blood bags and we all started searching our respective areas after I had moved north to Svetlojarsk. I had started moving south to Berezino to meet up with Striker after Svetlojarsk turned up empty and while en-route Striker says that he was engaged and put down one of two bandits while taking refuge in the machine shope at the NE end of Berezino. Striker held the upstairs while I got into position on a rooftop immediately north of him. While enroute to the overwatch location Striker had a conversation in direct chat with the other bandit that culminated in the bandit saying he'd retrieved what he wanted from his friend's body and was leaving. After several minutes of overwatch one building north of Striker there was no movement and then out of no where I saw the other bandit leaving the building, positioning for a better view on the machine shot. At this point I took him with the Mosin at about 25m courtesy of one round through the backpack at the shoulders and one more to the head when he was on the ground for good measure. In close proximity to when I took the bandit in the open Striker killed another bandit bringing the total to three.

    Interestingly enough in looking at kit on our recent prizes, the mosin death featured all clothing and contents ruined with the only exception being the Mosin and weapon accessories he had on it, namely a pristine bipod and HP scope and a worn compensator. Not my ideal counter-sniper kill, but i'll do pig, it'll do.

    Lessons learned:
    1) It always pays to have overwatch.
    2) Never assume that anyone is alone, ever.
    3) Know your buildings and where to defend inside of each of them.

    Now for the helicopter object...

    I headed north out of Berezino along the tracks and got to the weapon spawn location west of the shipwreck ( and found that it was a helicopter. I realize this was already on the map but it's a location I'd never been to before. There was no loot to be found but I found it interesting none the less. Below is a video of the chopper location. Striker is pictured in the video as well.

    That's not blood, its soul juice.



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