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    STATUS REPORT - 4th of August 2014
    Read the full report in the link below:
    DayZ | Official website

    ETA for 0.48 hotfix
    Currently the target for this hot fix (0.48) is regular maintenance within the second week of the month. (Wednesday, August 13th). The hot fix is intended to address issues with melee combat, container contents, global voice manipulation, some camera clipping issues, as well as what we're sure many survivors are excited for, persistent containers and items.

    Private shards are coming
    Over the next few weeks we will be working with our game server provider partners to begin the final steps required for the central hive, and their respective back ends to support renting private shards of the DayZ central hive, which will enable dedicated communities to create their own private DayZ worlds.

    It is important to understand what private shards entail for DayZ, and why they are different from "private hives" so well known from the Arma 2 mod.

    Password protect the server
    Operate a white list (using BEC)
    Ban/Kick trouble makers
    Define and enforce server gameplay rules (eg: DayZRP, PvE only, etc)
    Access or modify the base game configuration (amount of loot, amount of dynamic server events, vehicles (when they are implemented), etc)
    Violate the naming convention declared in the hosting rules (these will be updated to reflect the new private shard capabilities)
    Have access to the database itself
    Operate any 3rd party “Admin tools” aside from the approved BEC (BattlEye Extended Controls)
    Access debug logs (currently these are unavailable for both user privacy, and performance)
    Exceed current maximum player limits per instance (40, as of the time of the writing of this status report)
    We hope that in addition to the thousands of public hive game servers, these private shards (marked by the "Private" flag in the server browser) will empower strong DayZ communities to grow and strengthen their groups.
    More information on Private Shards will come as we get closer to this feature going live with our game server partners.

    The rest of the status report has been omitted, a few of the developers talk about the coming changes in more detail, so make sure you read the full status report!
    DayZ | Official website

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