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    Two days ago my 4 month old character, in full ballistic vest and helmet, was one-shotted by a lagging zombie. And so this story begins.


    I awoke in Svetlojarsk, hungry and wet. I scrounged up some basic supplies... raincoat, rags, backpack, compass, axe. Making my way to the gas station, I boarded a burned out bus to search under the seats when I heard yet another zombie's growl as he ran my way. I ran off the bus and pulled out my axe... but the zombie wasn't alone. There was another survivor, with a rifle, just around the front side of the bus.

    "Drop the axe" he yelled, aiming at me.

    "No problem," I said, and put it away. He turned to face the zombie and I realized I had just this one moment. I ran.

    Zigzagging through the field and making for the treeline 200m away, I glanced back and saw him smash the zombie with an axe. He pulled his rifle out again and aimed... so I zigged. He aimed again... and I zagged. I made the tree line. 50m more and I made the cliff line. There was a small break, a steep hill and at the bottom the rail line. I went down the steep hill... painfully slow... and made the tracks. Left or right? I had to choose... left... and ran along between the rock and rail.

    The cliff was only 200m long, and when I got to the edge I ducked between two rocks, laid flat, and hoped my beating heart wasn't loud enough to awaken Cherno, orange raincoat buried as deep in the mud as I could get.

    I waited. And waited. And then I saw him, running along the top of the cliff face. If I could only remain still...

    "Come back, I'm friendly!" he called, rifle still at the ready.

    I didn't move. I didn't dare. He ran past... 20m... 30m... he zigged and zagged, looking to find me in the brush. 40m... 50... he kept moving along the tracks, past me now, and I waited until he was out of sight. And still I waited, deep in the mud and thankful.

    It's little things like this that keep me coming back. Love/hate this game.

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    Re: Love Hate This Game

    I like to come here from the other title(s) I play and just read the stories like this. And some of the drama stories too, there are some good ones going back. Haha
    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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      Re: Love Hate This Game

      Awesome story Boot! I completely agree with the love / hate relationship!


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        Re: Love Hate This Game

        More more! [MENTION=6144]Boot[/MENTION]

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          Re: Love Hate This Game

          Here's the gray man that I lost.


          I had not planned on this. He was wearing a red coat with a shotgun on his back, bounding along the road like there weren't gray beasts lurking behind the nearest farmhouse. I wasn't happy with what I'd become. But you make these decisions, when you have to.

          I watched him for a while, drawing closer, knowing it was inevitable now. He would come, and he would see me. There was no where for me to slink away, not on this stretch. I hadn't planned on this.

          As he got closer I switched to my red dot. I would let him see me, so he knew it was coming. That would be better for him. Better for me.

          Just as he was about to reach the house I stepped around the corner. He startled, and stopped. I opened fire, but he bolted. The blood had started, turning his jacket a deeper shade, but still he made the corner. Cursing my aim, I ran to clear the side. Swift as I am, he was already around the back. He was silent, but his blood and scent were just there, with that shotgun.

          I had not planned on this, but I had learned these lessons well. I swung back around the front, and waited. There was no where for him to go.

          When I heard him tying off the bandage I made my rush. He saw me, knelt and put his hands behind his head. I had learned these lessons, too, so I paused. And took my aim, bared my teeth, and pulled my trigger.

          There are only decisions to make, when you have to.
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