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  • I am beyond Pissed

    So here is the scenario. I am reasonably geared heading towards the Northwest Airfield. Stopping to get some water i see two players approaching. Neither seem to be well armed and are acutally being Friendly... Yes I know I fell for it. So I ask if they need food or water and they respond yes.

    I drop some soda and some food and wish them a good day. AS I turn to walk away *****r turns and shoots me in the head......

    I came I saw I got blowed UP

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    Re: I am beyond Pissed

    I hate to say it but that is how this game has evolved. I got the drop on two guys running along the railroad tracks and I let them go by with no issues. They then killed ZAP at the NW airfield. Secondly never turn and walk away. Walk backwards till they are out of sight.

    On another note I met a guy who heard me eating and asked for help. He friended me on steam to verify that he was friendly with good intentions. We now play regularly.

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      Re: I am beyond Pissed


      You are livid but that scenario has nothing against my anger and frustrations towards other players from the past. Pre-Stand Alone, dayZ mod days.

      Died due to trusting others, then respawned at Chernogorsk. While making my way back up north to NW airport.
      I picked up a player with no weapons.
      I had two. He seemed new to the game.

      He wanted directions to Stary Sobr. I told him that I can direct him and drop him off before parting ways.

      I gave him a pistol (makarov), since we encouraged other players enroute. Better to arm us both than just me.

      After annoying trek and a half later. (Mod maps are much bigger than the stand alone version)
      We arrive at a point where we can visually see the outskirts of that town, I tell him that's his destination.

      Bang dead.

      The bastard shot me point blank.

      Since then, I told myself to either shoot them or avoid them.

      There are more stories that I can tell you but those will make you lose all hope of humankind.

      Moral of the story? (More relevantly in DayZ StandAlone)

      Kill or be killed. Know that once you engage in any dialogue with others.
      The chances of your avatars life is reduced to 50%.
      Further 49% if you allow him/her to team up with you.
      Don't trust the 1% in you. It will fail. Unless you are willing to kill others first.

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        Re: I am beyond Pissed

        I tried to play it nice. Not again
        I came I saw I got blowed UP




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