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!! Server Issues !! Character Wipe // No Loot Spawns !!

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  • !! Server Issues !! Character Wipe // No Loot Spawns !!



    Be advised, I logged into a fresh spawn this morning after the servers came back up from Wednesday maintenance. After spawning in I was unable to find loot anywhere period, and I tested this by restarting the server an checking areas again. I'm not sure what's going on, if there was indeed a hive wipe or not, but be careful logging in especially if you have kit you don't want to lose.

    I'm working to get an official answer on what's going on, will update as I have more. If you log in to a fresh spawn and/or encounter a no-loot scenario please respond to this thread.

    Again, CAUTION on joining servers.


    There was an issue with servers not being able to connect to the central hive. I have no word on what actions were officially taken upstream to correct the issue, but I logged in a few minutes ago and found my character had returned with my previous kit. My character continues to properly load after a manual server restart as well.

    Sorry for the scare guys, just didn't want anyone to end up getting wiped un-necessarily if it were avoidable.
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    Re: !! Server Issues !! Character Wipe // No Loot Spawns !!

    Appreciate the heads up Mogul.




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