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Conversion from Public Server to Private Server

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  • Conversion from Public Server to Private Server


    So after much consideration I've opened a private server for DayZ Standalone! There's been a lot of talk across our community regarding this and I've decided to answer the call. The public server I have established will remain running until the end of the month at which time it will be shut down. On the private server I've tested persistence and it is working (at least in my test scenarios). I've been able to put down tents, fill them with goodies, and watch them remain after multiple server restarts.

    Regarding a Private vs Personal server here are the difference I've found:
    1. Increased log access (BE, BEC, Chat), this also includes death messages and player names in all logs are resolved with their GUID.
    2. The ability to ban players.
    3. The ability to password protect the server.
    4. The ability to enable whitelisting (by GUID) for server authentication.
    5. The ability to create admins and super-admins for console authority while connected to the server via the game client.

    I know that we don't have all of the functionality of the mod but we're getting closer. With tents now working and remaining post restart we're at a point where we can start notional stash building with confidence, and with it being a private server we can enforce the style of gameplay we want with no repercussions.

    Server Name: Pink Mist Survival
    Slots: 30
    Shard: Private, Master

    On a side note, I've submitted CAA threads (requesting moderator status or at least a clean-up of our current threads) not only within the DayZ subforum but for the site as a whole (months ago) with no response. If any reading this has moderator powers you might considering cleaning up some of the threads we have here from the mod days and previous posts I've made regarding server connection information.

    See you on the inside, cheers!

    That's not blood, its soul juice.



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