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Vilayer CEO responds to my Service Ticket

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  • Vilayer CEO responds to my Service Ticket


    I thought this was very interesting and we'll see if anything comes of this. That being said, if you guys have questions you'd like me to ask should I actually be able to Skype with him post them as replies:


    Hello Robert,

    I have no idea as to why this ticket has not been answered.

    However, in regards to your DayZ server.

    There are several things we are waiting on right now from BIS.

    These are updates to the EXE and there is literately nothing we can do currently to resolve the performance based issues.

    We only run 3 servers on an entire machine meaning that more than 50% of resources are available at all times.

    SSD only servers also make a huge difference.

    Once the next patch is out, give me a shout on skype.

    My username is


    We can go over the performance based issues and see if they still exist.

    Lee Benson (CEO)
    US : +1[REDACTED]
    UK : +44[REDACTED]
    DK : +45[REDACTED]
    AU : +61[REDACTED]
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    Re: Vilayer CEO responds to my Service Ticket

    Nice! We shall see if we can get some better performance out of the server.


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