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Among the living, again.

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  • ogmogul
    started a topic Among the living, again.

    Among the living, again.


    I've been absent for quite some time and I thought I'd offer you guys an explanation. In short I had an atrocious work-life balance that got out of hand and caused most of my gaming entertainment to come to a screeching halt. After I got that in check, I ran into multiple home PC problems and issues with the datacenter where I have my server hardware.

    From the personal home computing perspective, I had to troubleshoot primary boot drive failure along with multiple RAM bank failures. Once I had a handle on that I learned a very valuable lesson as to why we (I) shouldn't keep a spit cup (chewing tobacco) on my computer desk. The situation went down along the lines of I knocked the cup over the edge of my desk face down into the intake vents in the top of my PC case. Out of that little fiasco I lost the motherboard, processor, video card, one SSD, and power supply. Those have now been replaced and I'm back up an running PC gaming wise with the following build:

    AMD FX-8350
    H80iGT Cooler
    ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0
    32 GB PC3-10700
    250 GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD (boot drive)
    128 GB Sandisk SSD
    2x 1TB platter drives
    AMD R9 390 STRIX

    Regarding the datacenter (DC) issues with my server:
    The DC had been making some changes bringing additional bandwidth to the DC but messed up several of their routes in the process. A lot of customer traffic was affected including mine. This has now been worked out and we're stable.

    I'm going to be shutting down the DayZ SA server at the end of February and I'll be putting all of my resources into an Exile server. Unfortunately with the Exile server I'll be starting over from scratch as the configs and all of the data I used to construct the previous server was on the SSD that I lost. Once I get another Exile server provisioned I'm going to work out an administration mechanism so that others can maintain it in the even that something happens again.

    You'll be seeing more from me shortly,

  • LowSpeedHighDrag
    Re: Among the living, again.

    Great to hear you're back up and running. Hit me up on TS when you need help with Exile as before.

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