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Changelog for .54 released today

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  • Changelog for .54 released today

    As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker: My View - DayZ Feedback Tracker

    New items:
    - Improvised suppressor.
    - Water Pouch.
    - Bone Hook.
    - Bone Arrow.
    - Pile of bones.
    - Carrier plate with attachable holster and pouches.
    - Blood bag now gives and takes twice as much blood.
    - FN Trombone.
    - New animals.
    - V3S Cargo version.

    New mechanics:
    - You can craft improvised suppressor using water bottle and duct tape.
    - You can craft bone hook out of pile of bones.
    - You can craft bone arrow out of pile of bones and improvised arrow.
    - Weight added to all items and clothes.
    - Caliber of ammo affect suppressor degradation.
    - Horticulture - Potato plant and its growing process.
    - You can dismantle the FN Trombone.
    - Continuous consumption and item use prototype.
    - Items now shows only rough estimates about its weight and volume of containment.
    - Cooking mechanics changes.
    - Fireplace mechanics changes.
    - Fluid mechanic tweaks.
    - Blood mechanic tweaks.
    - Weapon degradation.
    - Suppressor degradation.

    New animations + audio:
    - Placeholder SFX for improvised suppressor (standard suppressor SFX).

    Reworked locations:
    - Devil's castle.
    - Pik Kozlova.
    - Black & Willow Lakes.
    - Bor village.
    - Quarry near Solnichny.

    - All old rocks models have been removed and replaced with new ones.

    - New spawn tags added to all buildings.
    - Degradation values set for pistols, rifles and silencers.
    - Blood regeneration nerfed.

    - Pouches for vest is now displayed properly in hands.
    - Suppressor position on Longhorn while reloading.
    - Message when loading ruined ammo.
    - Spliting stone using pickaxe will give you smaller stone with correct damage state.
    - You can no longer use mace for cutting raincoats into armbands.
    - Mace can no longer be used for skinning.
    - Force feeding guts text.
    - Thermal mechanic fixes.
    - Server stability fixes.
    - Performance fixes (server).
    - Bullet penetration fix.

    Known issues:
    - Animals spin in one place.
    - Animals die randomly.
    - Animal navigation.
    - Animal animations are playing at a wrong resolution.
    - You can drive v3s while knocked out.
    - Only 1 person can get on back cargo of v3s.
    - Random desync.
    - Random client crashes.
    - Random server crashes.



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