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  • .60 is now on Stable

    This is an unofficial changelog collected by Tatanko. The Dayz devs for some reason can't seem to publish a Changelog with each release. .60 is the first release with the new renderer which is going to give you much better FPS than you have had.

    v0.60.133516 (15 Jun 2016)

    New Things:

    Clothing Assault Backpack
    Dirt Bike Helmet Dirt Bike Helmet Mouthguard
    Dirt Bike Helmet Visor

    Slacks Pants
    USMC Jacket

    Fishing Rod
    M18 Smoke Grenade (Green, Purple)

    Attachments Reflex Sight (fits FAL, M4A1, MP5-K, UMP45)

    New Buildings
    Radar command building
    Radar platform
    Radio station
    Radio tower
    Industrial building (one-story)
    Industrial building (two-story)
    Military Watchtower
    Ski lift
    Storage shed (non-enterable)
    Wooden platforms
    Guard house

    Newly Enterable Buildings Two-part industrial building
    Tan/aqua industrial building
    Gray brick factory building (re-done since 0.59)
    Long gray industrial building w/ pool

    Infected New "Dean Hall" infected model
    Infected now spawn in a variety of outfits including firefighter, paramedic, etc. (67 total varieties)

    Other Human Steak (new model)
    Mass graves (improved)

    New Mechanics:
    Pressing the reload key ("R") now chambers a round or cycles the bolt depending on which weapon you're using; magazines and clips must be used via the hotbar or inventory screen
    Weapons which are not automatic or semi-automatic must be manually cycled after each shot (e.g. Mosin, MP-133)
    FN FAL now accepts optics attachments
    Tripwires with a grenade attached now detonate immediately upon activation
    Players are now able to carry backpacks in their hands
    Infected are now able to jump/climb over some obstacles
    Central Loot Economy Magazines now spawn with a random amount of ammunition inside
    Weapons have a possibility to spawn with magazines or attachments
    Vehicles now spawn with a random set of parts attached (doors, battery, etc.)
    Backpacks, Clothing, and Vehicles now sometimes spawn with items inside them

    New Locations:
    Tisy Military Base Lake Glubokoe
    New Fields

    Updated Locations:
    Berezino (outskirts)
    Industrial Site at Malinovka

    Programming & Game Engine:
    Enfusion First iteration of new renderer technology (visuals only)
    Switch from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11
    Improved environmental effects such as lighting, bodies of water, volumetric fog, rain, etc.
    Improved video performance (FPS) (work-in-progress)

    User Interface Previous "New UI" is now standard and mandatory
    New welcome screen and main menu
    New inventory screen, including the ability to zoom in/out on the character and see what they are holding
    New server browser, including a "Password" column as well as incompatible version numbers listed in red and compatible in green as a replacement for previous icons
    New settings menus, including single page video settings
    Vehicles and some other containers (i.e. fireplace) get reworked inventory
    Consumable items now show their % as a bar at the bottom of their inventory space
    Temperature of items is now indicated with blue for cold, not just red for hot
    The "View Contents" action is no longer necessary to loot a container or player body; "Vicinity" is now separate from nearby bodies and containers
    Infected now have their own inventory

    Other Blaze 95 Double Rifle renamed to B95
    CZ61 Skorpion is now 6 slots (3x2) instead of 12 slots (4x3)
    PM73 RAK is now 8 slots (4x2) instead of 12 slots (4x3)
    Tactical Shirt is now 2 slots (2x1) instead of 1 slot
    SVD 10Rnd Mag is now only 1 slot
    Plate Carrier and associated attachments are now exclusive to NATO helicopter crash sites
    Pistols with attachments on them are no longer able to be held in a Chest Holster or Gun Holster
    The "Hide Body" action now has a 20 second delay

    NOTE: As of build 133516, HDR is restricted to "Very Low."

    Bear Trap, Land Mine, M4A1, AK101, and UK Assault Vest are spawning again
    Individual base items can no longer be used to craft multiple arrows
    Exploitable gas tank at Veresnik barracks has been relocated
    In-game map is now viewable again using the new UI

    Known Issues:
    Game Engine Players may experience various small graphical issues in the first iteration of the new Enfusion renderer

    User Interface Unable to open inventory screen while floating or swimming

    Vehicles FPS may drop when a player is driving a vehicle in the rain
    Two vehicles driving very near to each other may cause rollback and other issues

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    Re: .60 is now on Stable

    Its really not bad I say give it a go
    I came I saw I got blowed UP




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