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Exile: General Guidance

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  • Exile: General Guidance


    Here is some general guidance the Exile server:

    1. This server features PvE and PvP (PvX) content.
    - The AI is competitive and can be overwhelming, you are well advised to move and engage AI targets smartly.
    - PvP is welcome and encouraged, this is the nature of Exile and this server is no different. Make friends and work together if you so choose, this server can be challenging and you may find grouping with others helps ease the pain.

    2. Admins are here to help, administratively.
    - Admins have tools at their disposal to perform administrative functions and they are willing and able to help. To this regard Admins are prohibited from using their elevated abilities for personal gain.

    3. The admin team supports a 'Revenge' mechanic.
    - PvP is a volatile environment and allegiances between individuals and groups of individuals are subject to change, such is the way of a competitive combative environment. These conditions being recognized, there exists potential scenarios for 'insider information' to be abused, and this is where the 'Revenge' mechanic comes into play. Should a player believe they or their group were subject to an attack using 'insider information,' it will be at the Admin's discretion to spawn temporary assets to be used in a one-time-strike scenario for a player or players to exact their revenge.

    Enjoy your time in Exile, happy building and killing!
    That's not blood, its soul juice.



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