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  • ROE (Rules of Engagement)

    Just as the title. What is the ROE or what will be agreed upon on EXiLE? From bases found, to other shenanigans?
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    Re: ROE (Rules of Engagement)

    Exile is mostly a pvp mod with AI usually on the backburner(contained to mission area or limited roaoming AI). But currently it is the other way around, which is also fine because we don't have anyone yet to shoot at. Once the server pop grows and Exile regulars start joining, it will become full on group vs group pvp. With most of the fighting happening around missions to see who can get the loot.

    The ROE in Exile is shoot first or die. At least, that's how its always been everywhere i've played for the past 3/4 years. I've never heard of a "everyone is friends to kill AI" server. On the other hand who knows if there is a niche there. Need some market research :D

    On to Safe zones.. Safe zones are called safe zones for a reason and they are specifically made by the Exile team to suit that specific purpose. Which is to have a safe zone to re-gear, sell something or sing cumbaya. Camping or better known as griefing the safe zone should not be permitted if we want the server to grow. This is as basic as not camping spawn in Battlefield.




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