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The Exile experience and the TG Primer

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  • The Exile experience and the TG Primer

    I had a productive conversation this morning with some of our TG veterans, among them were veterans of Arma3 and Exile in addition to other simulation and first person shooters. Primary discussion points were rules of engagement (ROEs), safe zone behavior, and spawn zone placement as they relate to the Exile environment. Our discussion took a look at how other servers operate, what some of them consider to be ban worthy or kick worthy offenses, and ultimately how the TG Primer provides direction and governance in these areas. I will review the primer and provide my interpretation and guidance shortly, my apologies for not having done already and had it available for reference going forward from day one.

    Link to primer:

    The three (3) primer principles:

    1) Create an environment conducive for mature gamers to enjoy the games they play without the everyday interference from the less-than-mature gamers.

    2) Create an environment where there was mutual respect for your fellow gamers and where all members would be working together to advance the enjoyment of their hobby.

    3) Support game play in a near-simulation environment. Where the focus of play would not be solely on doing what it takes to win, but doing so utilizing real-world combat strategy and tactics rather than leveraging exploits provided to players by the design of the game engine, regardless of the level of advantage, if any, it gives over the opposing team.

    My interpretation and guidance is as follows:
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    Re: The Exile experience and the TG Primer

    The Primer is linked in the thread above and I urge all of you to read it if you haven't already.

    Apophis does a great job of summarizing these points and elaborating on their individual and collective meanings, I would be remiss in my interpretation were I to attempt to re-invent his summary and expanded guidance.

    In a gross overview, TacticalGamer (TG) provides unique gaming environments for the TG membership under the auspices of fair and mature, tactical goal-oriented game-play while fostering teamwork in-kind.

    TG has respect for its members and accompanying that respect is an understanding of trust and adult comprehension; trust in that the membership is united in the pursuit of a common style of game-play and that the members will employ adult comprehension in the execution of tactical team-play. Further, the application of adult comprehension provides an understanding that in competitive combative environments the member as a player (or participant in a game) has responsibilities not only to the group but unto themselves, namely tactical communication and movement, and personal security.

    An excerpt from the primer:

    Tactical Gamer is here to support a particular style of game play. Only through enforcement of our rules and principles are we able to continue to support this style of play. We are not here to cater each of our supported games to the popular demands of the broader gaming public, but to provide an environment that fits our target audience.

    Not all players who come to Tactical Gamer will find what they are looking for. Some people seem to be more interested in highly-competitive play where winning is the most important objective. Others value teamwork, strategy, and tactics but view exploiting weaknesses in a game engine as acceptable because it helps them achieve their goal in winning. As long as both teams are mutually exploiting these weaknesses, they feel as though it’s acceptable.

    All of the games we host depict a situation in which there is a conflict between two or more parties. These conflicts are presented through the use of various game engines. All game engines have limitations due to the simple nature that they are games and produced largely for their entertainment. How you interpret these limitations will determine if you truly do understand why Tactical Gamer is here and if you support our goals.

    Setting our sites directly upon the Exile environment it is plain to be seen that Exile is both a combative and (very) competitive game. The game focuses around territory and wealth building and does very conveniently (and by design) through player versus player action (PvP combat); game mechanics encourage the use and employment of numerous vehicles (both armed and unarmed), weapon systems and fortification mechanics providing the player with options to act strategically as well as directly in the pursuit of these goals.

    The Exile mission by design features various safe zones, particularly around traders, whereby within them weapons do no damage and various interaction mechanics cease to function. One point of contention is the scenario where someone chooses to hunt players leaving a 'safe area.' On the outset this appears egregious however you must take into consideration that your 'safe zone protection' does not disappear the instant you leave the safe zone. There are multiple avenues of egress from these zones and there is sufficient time to escape from them by land or air (if under threat) with a reasonable assurance of survival if such a movement is executed by intent, and tactically. Another point of contention is the scenario where a player loiters in a safe zone waiting for someone to leave their vehicle unlocked or otherwise make it accessible for the purpose of stealing said vehicle. While appearing outrageous in conduct such as the previous point we must understand that the individual (the player) has the ability to lock and unlock their vehicles; they retain the ability to keep them secure. When safe zones are densely populated with players keeping your vehicle secure can be difficult but the ultimate responsibility still falls to the player, the owner of said vehicle, to ensure it's security. Regarding friend or foe (FoF) identification, should players choose to group together our server has group member markers enabled, this enables identifying your group (team-mates) easily. This mechanic is well understood and known, and most players recognize that if they are not in a group or have not communicated with others in the environment to the regard of teamwork, allegiance or a combative moratorium, that there are no assurances (expressed or implied) that they will not be engaged.

    TG provides a unique and very specific atmosphere within which to game and it would be betraying the expectations of the membership were it to deviate from this course. It is for this reason we will not institute a ban or kick policy for players who choose to engage others leaving safe areas. This direction also applies to those who attempt to be safe zone car thieves. To the regard of safe zone thievery, given the reliance upon selling vehicles to generate income and the potential for difficulty in this pursuit, junk dealers (vendors who purchase vehicles from players) will be added to each trader area if not already present. Regarding rules of engagement beyond the above listed scenarios, if it exists it is fair game be it player or material in nature. Additionally, there will be no limitations (expressed or implied) placed upon group sizes beyond what the native grouping system will support. To punish, reprimand or otherwise limit the above scenarios directly would be taking the freedom of choice away from the player and negating the threats of the environment. In order to foster a decentralization of map activity and spawn based combat the central spawn will be removed at a time yet to be determined dependent on dynamic content releases and public notification of the removal of the spawn.

    Should any TG member take issue with this guidance or have questions please private message me here or find me in TeamSpeak and I will be more than willing to address your concerns. I have witnessed nothing but professional and tactically minded behavior and game-play from TG members on the server and I do not expect this to change. Should scenarios develop that require a revision of the above guidelines they will be dealt with as they occur.

    See you on the battlefield,

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