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Change Proposal-A Few Things

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  • Change Proposal-A Few Things

    I've heard a some are possible others I'm not sure but I'll ask anyway.

    1) Base AI acting as a watch dog to protect base from unwelcome guests. Maybe # AI are based on base level or 1 per 100 sq meters of base or just static # with maybe a fixed gunner or two than can be adjusted by base owner while other AI are on foot. New AI can be recruted/purchased and weapons customized within reason from trader and recruited again when they die

    2) base cameras alert base owner if movement is detected and alert internal base AI

    3) purchasable strider with remote HMG and GMG :)

    4) more than 4 missions spawn at a time for those without helis. Sure I'll buy one soon but new players don't and I think it would be cool if there was always something logistically to engage

    5) land mines at missions, # based on mission difficulty. Can disarm mines using mine detector which can be purchased from trader (expensive) or in loot or in rare supply crate.



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