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    A mod that has been around awhile is starting over using the Exile framework. Think we should keep an eye on this and perhaps try to get in the testing phase which started yesterday. Comments anyone?

    By Rogan
    01/31/2017 As many of you may know, I have been working on a new version of EDICT. We've kept our cards pretty close to our chests for a while in order to keep hype levels to a minimum but now is the time to announce our plans and give you all a little information to why we chose to do what we are doing.

    First of all, we have abandoned the current framework that EDICT uses which is Desolation and have moved to the Exile framework. This was done for many reasons but the main reason is for stability. Currently the mod is limited to 40 players due to memory leaks etc with the code but now that we have moved over to Exile we can easily up it to 80+ and possibly 100.

    I'm sure a lot of you are thinking that the Exile framework is very different to what we want and that is true but by removing some features such as the XM8 tablet, tabs, traders and more it is close to perfect. Its hard to fully explain the benefits in a text post but once you get to play I'm sure you will understand why we've done what we've done.

    We will soon be allowing some players to join the server and help us test things but I want to stress that it is for testing and some things may be buggy (loot spawn locations mainly). Hopefully the testing won't last too long and we can open the server to the public shortly.

    Some details about the server:

    Map: Taunus

    Population: 80-100

    Additional mods: RHS, Exile and SM_Zombz, Taskforceradio (CBA required) and taunus (Cup maps/core required).

    Launch: TBA

    Rogan/Delta & and the EDICT team.

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    Edict is the ultimate PvP hardcore mod. As you would expect with those credentials it is 1st person only. A lot of additional mods are required to play. To get started first register to their forums There you will find a post with link to Steam workshop where you can download the required 11 mods. Once you get those and download the Exile mod from the Exile site you're in business. TFR may be required in the future but regardless you must be in their TS if you're in game. They have no plans to make server files available but I was told that may change. With the big change with Edict using Exile framework the server will be going up and down periodically I'm told warning will be given. Also expect mod requirements to change as well. But if you like hardcore and are looking for something different this might be it. TFR and 1st person only really turn me off not to mention loading a bunch of mods but I will give a try for awhile.




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