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How To: Install Exile for ARMA3

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  • How To: Install Exile for ARMA3

    Here's a down and dirty guide for how to install Exile for ARMA3 using the native ARMA3 Launcher:

    1) Download the latest client version of Exile.
    - Source:

    2) Expand the downloaded file from 'Step 1' and locate the '@Exile' folder.
    - This folder needs to be copied into your ARMA3 installation directory, typically (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3).
    - Sometimes people choose to organize their mods in a 'Mods' folder or something similar as opposed to dumping '@Exile' in the ARMA3 root, that's ok.

    3) Launch ARMA3.

    4) Click on the 'MODS' option on the left hand side of the launcher.

    5) Click the "Local mod" button at the top, it will have an icon that looks like a folder with a '+' symbol on it.

    6) When the "Select Folder" window appears, navigate to where you have moved '@Exile' within your ARMA3 installation directory, single click or highlight the '@Exile' folder and click the 'Select Folder' button in the lower right corner of the window. Once you have clicked the button, the "Select Folder" window will close and the ARMA3 launcher will process the new mod (@Exile). It will then appear in the 'Available Mods' portion of the launcher window. Sometimes the processing takes a few moments, so if 'Exile Mod' doesn't appear as an available mod right away be patient and give it a few.

    7) Check to see if 'Exile Mod' was enabled (checked) automatically for you, if it was not check the box to the left of 'Exile Mod' and you will see it move to the "Loaded Mods' portion of the launcher window.

    8) Installation complete! Click the big PLAY button and enjoy!
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