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  • Server Connection Information, Details

    Server Connection Information:
    Name: - Pink Mist Survival (PvX) [EXILE] [15K Start, AI, Missions, Revive, Towing, Loading, Pods]
    Address: (
    Port: 2302
    - when connecting to the server, if you use the 'Remote' option, you can use the IP above, or you can use '' with port 2302 to connect.

    Server (Mod) Requirements:
    Exilemod (Pomelo), available here:

    PvP Disposition:
    PvP is welcome! There are specific areas (safe zones) where weapons will have no effect (trader areas). This non-damage condition applies to players and AI for fires within, inbound to or outbound from the area including collision damage.

    PvE Disposition:
    PvE in the -Pink Mist- is something to be very aware of. The AI is not to have a blind eye turned towards. The AI is competitive, dangerous, and will give you cause to consider if a PvP engagement is worth the risk. Additionally, when engaged the AI will reinforce if you do not overwhelm them quickly.

    Mission set:
    AI missions chosen at random that will dynamically spawn and rotate around the map at the same time.

    Server Features:
    - Custom Status Bar
    - Roaming AI
    - Custom XM8 Apps (View Distance, eBase, Brama Recipes, Base Locator)
    - Modified hunger/thirst rates (depreciation reduced greatly)
    - Increased volume of vehicle spawns (400+)
    - Bambis start with a map and 15k tabs!
    - AI missions
    - Increased day/night cycle (6x)
    - Vote day/night mechanic.
    - Unit counts removed from mission details.
    - Fuel bladders added to map.
    - Additional spawn points added (Central, Frini, Paros, Sfaka, Panochori, Oreokastro)
    - Modified territory cap per player (3)
    - Vehicle towing
    - Helicopter loading/paradrop
    - Numerous modifications to trader items and item costs
    - Black Market trader selling high end weapons and gear hidden on map
    - Max view distance 3k, objects 1.5k
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