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Exile and The Optional Use of DLC

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  • Exile and The Optional Use of DLC

    Greetings new and old ArmA players,

    I am happy that you have decided to join your fellow gamers in playing ArmA 3: Exile. After you begin your fresh life on Altis, no doubt you will eventually run into loot or helicopters that will have a strange symbol or message asking you to purchase DLC. I want to point out a few bits of information on what the DLC for ArmA provides you and how it will impact your time in Exile.

    First, I must say that if you want to play ArmA 3: Exile, you do not need to have any DLC. It is strongly recommended, but it is not needed.
    It will hinder your use of certain items in the game, though.

    Allow me to introduce the first DLC: Zues.

    Zues is a free DLC, so that being said, go grab it.

    Karts DLC:

    Karts offers players the use of go-karts, but beyond the use of a death trap, you really have no use for it.

    Marksmen DLC:

    Marksmen DLC offers player the use of a number of different weapons, scopes, and ghilies that are generally sought after by players. These include large calibre rifles and LMGs along with nicer medium range scopes. It is not needed to play the game, but it is generally a nice addition to use 9.3 and .338 round rifles and LMGs.

    Guns that require Marksmen DLC:

    MAR-10 .338
    Mk.14 7.62
    SPMG .338
    MK-1 EMR 7.62
    ASP-1 KIR 12.7
    CYRUS 9.3
    NAVID 9.3

    Scopes that require Marksmen DLC:

    Ghillie Suits requiring Marksmen DLC:
    NATO, CSAT, and AAF versions

    Helicopter DLC:

    Helicopter DLC is relatively self-explanatory. The DLC offers access to two choppers and features that are associated with those two choppers. This DLC is required to enter the chopper, so it is impossible to truly use one of these choppers.There are a few other features that are associated with the DLC, but with the TG server, you should be able to perform them without the use of the DLC.

    Added helicopters:
    CH-67 Huron
    Mi-290 Taru

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    Re: Exile and The Optional Use of DLC

    Nice post Seige. Just to add, you can usually buy these DLC's in a bundle on steam(I got them all for 15 bucks I think). They offer it every once in a while. So, if you are not willing to spend a lot of money just wait a little bit and you can get it on the cheap!

    EDIT: I just saw that its currently going for 25% off at 16,99 Euros or 19 bucks.


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      Re: Exile and The Optional Use of DLC

      It would appear that this might be out of date. The use of DLC seems to be required as of the newest patch.


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        Re: Exile and The Optional Use of DLC

        The use of DLC is entirely optional. For example, if one wants to use am AMS scope attachment. The ArmA III prompt will show asking you to purchase it, as well as informing them that it's a DLC product. Same goes for the rest of the DLC items.
        You can play EXiLE in its current state. Whether you want to use the DLC items or not is entirely up to the end user.

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          Re: Exile and The Optional Use of DLC

          Point of clarification: Tanoa Map in Apex DLC will have to be purchased to play. Other components in the update will behave like prior DLC (you can try it out, but get increasingly invasive notification you need to pay for the DLC.




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