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Exile Memory errors and Sum Zero error

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  • Exile Memory errors and Sum Zero error

    Just wanted to share in case anyone else has similar issues. With the last few updates I started to get a memory error or one that was like divisible by zero or sum zero.
    After a few attempts they would go away but with the Tanoa update I could not join at all.

    Some of the things I did beyond restarting the game over and over were:

    Delete all saved MP mission files
    Remove all O/C from my computer.
    Verify game cache/game files on Steam
    update Exile mod in A3 or direct download
    launch the game regular mod then try A3 launcher - back and forth
    remove all launch modifiers, etc. on both sides
    remove and then restate Exile on mod selection with regular launcher

    In the past one or more of those seemed to work but not this time. The magic bullet today was to force an update on BattleEye.
    I went to the website, got the new .dll and added it to the folder in A3 directory. It worked.
    It makes no sense to me at all that was the fix based on the errors I was getting. You never know.

    Thanks to Masterjack for he suggestion - he wins the prize... a free vacation on a lush tropical island for as long as he likes. Free parachute and orange jumpsuit included.

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    Re: Exile Memory errors and Sum Zero error

    Sounds good. Thanks for putting this up, jb.




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