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Welcome pilots, read me first!

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  • [INFO] Welcome pilots, read me first!

    Welcome to Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) at Tactical Gamer.

    Please read the Primer, join the TeamSpeak server, and read the TS3 Standard Operating Procedures.

    Welcome to Tactical Gamer, by now you probably already played some DCS multiplayer and if you're like me you have been left wanting for teamwork, for knowledge with a willingness to teach, for maturity in playstyle and in actions. I hope to foster at Tactical Gamer (TG) a DCS culture of events that require teamwork between several modules to complete; of Tactical Gamer University (TGU) trainings that provide a give and take learning for all involved; and above all a fun enviroment where you can show up or plan a day and still have fun.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions, don't be afraid to try something new, we all have things we're still learning and your question may teach someone something they didn't even know they didn't know!

    Lets get to know each other, please head to the sign in thread and tell us about you, then head over to the TG DCS Steam group so it's easier to link up!
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