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Problem trying to land the F-16

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  • Problem trying to land the F-16

    ~S~ All,

    In a nut shell, I'm having problems trying to land the F-16 while on final approach for Falcon 4.0 Allied Force using game version 1.0.13. I just installed this flight sim yesterday using the CD retail version.

    I'm using a Microsoft Sidewinder 2 Joystick that is about 10 years old now since I've flown IL-2 for the past ten years without any problems or issues from this stick. When I calibrated this stick for the game yesterday, everything seems to check out ok. The main problem is while flying in level flight, my throttle is at zero power as I look at the throttle on the stick assembly. But in game, it seems that I'm accelerating and I am having major issues trying to really slow down under 300 knots even with the speed brakes deployed using the "B" key and with my landing gear deployed as well. It seems that when I'm on final approach with my aircraft slightly angled upwards, my aircraft is speeding up well above 300 knots which forces me raise my landing gear and perform a missed approach. Does anyone else experience this or do I need a new stick or is this a problem with joystick calibration ? Any advice would help guys thanks !

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    Re: Problem trying to land the F-16

    Ok we resolved the problem with some advanced settings within the joystick thanks to the advice given by an Indian guy named Eagle. Even went out and bought a new Extreme 3D PRO stick as well. My first approach towards the airfield, I was able to hold the aircraft around 170knots and rode her in crossing the fence and got down in one piece minus a bounce or two. That was a good accomplishment for a rookie. : )




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