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  • Terrain Folowing Radar

    Can somebody Help me About Terrain folowing radar - TFR.
    Whe ever i select TFR page on the MFD it is just showing OFF.
    How can I turn it on?
    Are there som special conditions that have to be met when you turn it on?
    Maybe something about altitude and speed or aircraft configuration?
    I am looking forward to any any help i can get.
    Sorry for my english.

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    Re: Terrain Folowing Radar

    Hi Brane -

    To turn on the TFR, click the OSB button (OSB # 1) above the word "OFF" in the TFR MFD page. This will turn on the TFR system. You can continue clicking that OSB button to cycle through the various modes (NORM is a good default to use).

    Note that to engage the TFR, you need to take it out of standby by clicking the OSB button above "STBY" (I think it's OSB # 4).

    I don't think your altitude/air speed/heading matters when you engage it. But I'd get close to my desired altitude and heading before I engaged it, just to keep the aircraft from having to make aggressive adjustments.

    Bonus info: you can override the TFR system by pressing and holding CTRL+3. You can then make heading adjustments. When you release CTRL+3, the TFR system takes back over.

    Hope this helps, and by the way, welcome to TG!


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      Re: Terrain Folowing Radar

      hm...boogie i think he may mean that it actually says in the middle of the mfd. i think i remember reading this somewhere else where you have to have something else on for this to be on too. will browse around just in case..

      EDIT: K, its only the block 40's that are equipped with TFR (which means you can't use TFR in training missions). And, to activate it, you have to activate FLIR first (shift + h). After that you can press shift + h again to turn FLIR off, the TFR will stay. You should be able to use TFR without turning on/off FLIR but its some kind of bug...

      To utilize the TFR read boogie's post :)


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        Re: Terrain Folowing Radar

        Thanks guys, you have helped me a lot.





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