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  • finding a missin

    brand new, I'm a supporting member got the server IP and password when I go online the the communication box comes up says I'm connect but what I can't find is the ATO box so I haven't been able to join any missions (need training missions first)any help would great thank you.

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    Re: finding a missin

    Hi FlakMagnet, welcome to TG!

    Sounds like you might not be in the campaign. Once you've connected to the server, click the Campaign button, then click on the green text in the window that pops up. Click Commit, then click on Comply or Accept on the options page. You'll receive the campaign data, then you'll be at the screen where you can choose a flight from the ATO.

    The server is not always populated with people, so it's normal to only see yourself in chat sometimes.

    To hook up with other pilots, you need to get TeamSpeak up and running. Check the Server page on this website for the info and get the password from the Official Announcements forum. TeamSpeak is where you'll find other pilots waiting to fly missions. It's also the communucation system we use in-game.

    Consider taking some training flights with us, or at least an orientation flight. We'd be happy to show you the ropes! You can find out all about that in the instructor pilot thread in the flight school forum. Just PM one of the instructors to set up a time. Or post here in the forums.

    Again, welcome to TG and I hope we can fly together soon!




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