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  • LGB-Inflight Retargetting


    How does this work exactly?

    I dont have much problem with the "auto lasing*" onto locked targets, but i cannot get to change target in flight. Here is what I do...

    Fly in mid alt, around 20k, high speed ~400kts. Master ARM, Laser ARM, A-G mode selected with GBU's selected. Tried laser timings from 8s-17s. Normally at this level and speed I get 40-45s of impact time after release. TGP selected


    Got the GM with STP, I designate target, lets say a hanger on an A/F.

    I get Area displayed on TGP(which I believe means the target is NOT locked). CCRP display comes up, NOT SOI displayed on the FCR.

    It doesnt allow me to drop the bomb before the "release cue" which drops close to the CCRP min range, so after the first release I reduce speed and push down on the stick to keep the cue and gain some time, around 8s later I drop the second GBU.

    Inflight GBUs impact on where the cross was (AREA) when I release them, even if I move the cross somewhere else doesnt effect the flight of the bomb. I tried locking in mid flight no good either.

    The "L" sometimes flashes at the laser time, sometimes it stays still, dunno why, however either way it doesnt change my ability to change target inflight.

    I tried to lock target (POINT) then change inflight, no go.

    I tried 2 ripples with 600 feet, the bombs still steer to the same spot where the crosshair was just before release.

    Also tried to change the target on a single GBU inflight, in both AREA and POINT mode before release.

    Following is the checklist I have for the Inflight Retargeting....

    1. Flight parameters 400kts, 16000ft.
    2. MFD slots FCR-TGP-xxx SMS-HSD-xxx
    3. Master Arm SET ARM (shf m)
    4. Master Mode SET A-G
    5. SMS select GBU to be released
    6. Laser Arm SET ARM (alt l)
    7. AG RADAR Designate target (TMS)
    8. MFD switch to TGP
    9. TGP FOV as required (pinkie switch)
    10. TGP CURSOR slew over primary tgt-DO NOT LOCK
    11. CCRP max range release 1st weapon (pickle)
    12 CCRP min range release 2nd weapon (6-10s interval)
    13. Manual Lasing start lasing when 1st weapon counter hits 00:17 or
    less (trigger detent)
    14. weapon hit stop lasing
    slew cursor over secondary target
    manual lease (trigger detent)
    15. second hit stop lasing
    16. laser arm SAFE
    17. Master arm SAFE

    *what exactly does lasing mean anyway, and how do you lase manually?

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    Re: LGB-Inflight Retargetting

    I'm not sure if you can retarget an object that is close by as you're probably passed the targetting restraints. Also there is only one laser beam is there not? If so, then that's the only one the bombs will try to follow.

    We can try this week if you're around. I'll be on TS later.


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      Re: LGB-Inflight Retargetting

      I've never tried these steps before:

      13. Manual Lasing start lasing when 1st weapon counter hits 00:17 or
      less (trigger detent)
      14. weapon hit stop lasing
      slew cursor over secondary target
      manual lease (trigger detent)

      Let's get this dialed in this week. I'm sure between all of us we can be experts by Saturday!
      New to TG?


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        Re: LGB-Inflight Retargetting

        Ok, I've been running some tests on this...

        AFA I understand, if you drop two GBU's with just the perfect seperation of about 8 to 10 secs but within the acceptable time frame of dropping them close enough (hence the max and min range in the check list), it just gives you enough time to move your laser beam from one target to another closeby within the manouvering distance of the second bomb. So you can hit two close by targets with one pass dropping two bombs.

        I've used the LGM training mission, this is what I did...(it only worked once out of 10 times, but i think i got the principle)

        I approach target at 16000ft, ~400kts, keep the TGP crosshair on the closer hangar(in AREA mode) , drop the first bomb at the cue

        then I cut throttle back and push the stick down trying to keep the cue on the flight path indicator, count about 10secs and release the second bomb.

        Follow the tgp (countdown is for the second bomb) till you see the first explosion. The first bomb should fall within the crosshairs. (remember as the bomb gets lower it has less possibility of following large changes in the beam. That was the main reason I was mission on single drops. I was asking too much from the bomb)

        After first hit, move the crosshair to the next hangar asap, it is a small distance, probably about 100-150m that u can steer the second bomb (only has 10secs to change direction). Also keep in mind that you've probably overflown the target by then and that the cursor controls are inverted.

        If you keep the plane level, you can still drop the second bomb within, I think, 8-9 secs, but then it is so far away from the first one that, it cannot head to the beam anymore, this is where the dive after the first drop helps. I think its is like trying to keep a parallel path the the first bomb.

        On CCRP, when you are following the cue, to the right of the HUD you also get an > going down just as in an A-A missile, and there is the same Rmax Rmin bracket.

        The cue is very close to Rmin, and I could not find any way to release a GBU before that point. I believe If there were a way that you can release the bomb as soon as the > reaches the Rmax, then you wouldn't have to dive parallel to the bomb, but just fly level and drop the second one at or just before the > reaches Rmin. I guess that is what is explained in the checklist.

        If anyone knows or figures a way out to release bombs manually within the range bracket with CCRP please tell me.


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          Re: LGB-Inflight Retargetting

          Thanks Tolgab!

          You going to be around this week for some flying?




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