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How to create TE that startes on the ramp?

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  • How to create TE that startes on the ramp?


    This is my first post as a newby. I am just getting in to F4AF and am finding it brilliant. However I am trying to create some training missions for myself using the Mission Builder which incorporates all the elements from training, takeoff, landing, navigation etc. However it always seems to either start me at the runway, or midway between the first and second waypoints when I add the flight in the mission builder. What I want to do is start from the ramp and the manual doesn't explain how to do this. Does anyone know how to start from the ramp with the mission builder?


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    Re: How to create TE that startes on the ramp?

    It's been awhile since I've messed with the mission builder, but I recall having the same issues. Make sure the time of day is set well before your flight take off time. Then when you start the mission choose Ramp Start. Also, after you've scheduled your way points, and before you save the plan, go back and reset the time of day. When you save the plan it records the current time as the starting time, no matter what your flight plan is.

    One other tip, Shift-P will pause the game but keep your aircraft radar and other systems functional.

    If that doesn't work I'll fire it up and mess with it.
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      Re: How to create TE that startes on the ramp?

      Yeah this worked. I had to set the day an hour and a falf or so before the departure time. Then it let me choose the ramp start.

      Now I just have to figure out air-to-air refuelling.


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        Re: How to create TE that startes on the ramp?

        Originally posted by d-porter View Post
        Now I just have to figure out air-to-air refuelling.
        From CloudyIFR at SimHQ....

        Squadron Exchange
        Curtis “Tailwind” Suter, MSgt, USAF Retired

        Hello Lieutenant Falcon. I’m going to send you out with Captain Oleo to Amendola to meet a group
        of F-4G “Wild Weasels” who are down there from Spangdahlem, AB Germany for some dissimilar
        aircraft testing. What the Air Force wants to do is replace the F-4E’s that are normally paired up
        with the Weasels with F-16’s. Since they are in the area we have the opportunity to see if the
        F-16’s will pair up well for Wild Weasel missions.

        You’re scheduled out of here at 0915 hrs where you’ll join up with a Tanker that is coming out of
        Falconara, AB for some air-to-air refueling. You need to get on the Tanker quickly as there is a
        flight of four Weasels that need fuel. You’ll join up with these Weasels and they’ll escort you on
        down to Amendola. I realize in the past refueling was very difficult but now it’s quite easy to do.
        The excellent engineers at Lead Pursuit (LP) have made an avionics upgrade to the flight control
        computers software and this has really made refueling quite possible now. So don’t sweat out the
        refueling like in months past. You’ll be amazed what the folks at LP have done.

        There is also a four-ship of Weasels coming up from Lamezia Terme to fly with our folks up here
        at Aviano, they are scheduled in about the time you’re to depart and you may see them coming in.
        Remember you’re down there to learn the tactics of the Weasels and see if the F-16 is a suitable
        replacement to the F-4E’s, you’re not to be in the bar and hung-over all week. I’m not saying don’t
        enjoy yourself, just make sure you keep your priorities straight and that you represent Aviano well.
        I’ll see you back in a week.

        All right get out there and have a nice time.

        Refueling TE

        2 tanking

        Phantoms inbound

        Lead F4 hooking up.... tanked vipers on left wing

        Number 2 Phantom hooking up

        Welcome to Amendola

        "Any angles you give the bogey on the first pass will haunt you for the rest of the fight."
        Lieutenant Jim "Huck" Harris, USN




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