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  • F16 Fuel Gauge

    Hi all, like to ask is there any fuel gauge in the cockpit??? Cant seem to find and always run out of fuel.

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    Re: F16 Fuel Gauge

    right side just above the main warning light panel i beleive..i know its over there but not sure of the exact psoit w/o loading the game

    another one to watch is the square guage above the right MFD on the right side thats your fuel flow indicator and tells you how much fuel youre burning at that moment if you you were to fly at that THROTTLE LEVEL constantly for one hour

    so if you have 10,000 LBS of fuel and you fly at 1,000lbs/hr then you will run out of fuel in 10 hours

    I noted throttle level because thats important its not speed

    at higher altitudes and with a tail wind you will burn less fuel at the same speed vs low alt with a head wind

    also important if you do run out of fuel the f-16 manual says that you can 7n-miles for every 5K of altitude you have but a 1 to 1 ratio is usually better

    if you do run out of fuel or go flame out

    1. drop stores ASAP

    2. turn your jet to home territory

    3. fly at 6* AOA at 210(add 4kts per 1000 lbs of fuel for flame out)

    4. if you make it back to home or divert field and are still in the air and want to land

    A. declare emergency

    B. line up like normal but give yourself more alt..the AOA for a no engine landing is steeper so you lose ALT more quickly..if you start too low you crash and burn..worst case scenario you come in too fast..thats what air brakes are for..but I have yet to see a plane gain speed or alt by flapping its wings

    C. put the FPM on the end of the runway youre nearest and fly an 11-17* AOA towards it at 200-210kts

    D. keep flying this until about 500foot this point you should already have the gear out and locked begin to pull the FPM through the runway and flare the aircraft when you touch down..

    if youve made it this far youre doing good...and you just need to get the jet stopped...dont worry about clearing the runway..thats what the ground crew is for :) you just made one hell of a landing

    some other tips

    if youre too low and your airspeed is dropping then you will not make the runway...turn the jet from a populated area and eject

    figure about 7K feet for a full 360* turn..use this to bleed off altitude before lining up for the runway or for you inital "oh **** can i get home" evaluation when youre heading into enemy territory and lose your engine(3.5K for 180* turn:P)

    if youre too high(you cant keep the FPM on the runway and maintain an 11-17 AOAA) use the speed brakes and S-turns to lose the speed just be careful about bleeding off too much, slow is good..too slow is REALLY REALLY bad

    if you want to practice there is a training mission "flameout landing" that starts you facing the runway engine out and you need to put her down

    you can practice landing and you can practice flying for max distance w/o an engine(just fly straight past the runway for as long as you can or make some turns etc

    dont be surprised if you royally over or under shoot the first 10 times you try its not an easy thing to get if youre really used to flying and landing a powered aircraft because the visual cues outside the aircraft look all wrong

    and if you dont like the training mission(theres low cloud cover makes it somewhat difficult)

    make a mission in the mission editor and just switch your engines off mid flight..eiither way youll have to account for the extra fuel since you didnt actually run out but you can practice flame outs this way and out of fuel is easier to land/fly because of less weight

    anyways hope it helped

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      Re: F16 Fuel Gauge

      Down one view and right one view. In a F16-C and no wing tanks, you should read 7200lbs. Adding to what CD said above, if you do flame out you have 30 or 10 mins (can't remember off the top of my head) of control left on the jet (the EPU switches over when you flame out). Once this time limit is reached, you'll have no control of your jet and will have to eject.

      It's curious that you're running out of fuel though. Are you on full throttle all the time? You can check you flight distance in the briefing by clicking one of those paper looking icon to the right. If your under 400 miles you should be good with 7200lbs as long as you avoid a-a combat.


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        Re: F16 Fuel Gauge

        haha...thanks for everyone replies, i manage to find the digital readout of the remaining fuel after i download a cockpit explanation software from sourcenet...

        I ran out of fuel everytime cos i am just flying everywhere in the basic handling not into the mission yet cos still reading how to use all the avionics and the radar system...

        Thanks anyway...




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