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1st patch for F4AF soon, in it list...

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  • 1st patch for F4AF soon, in it list...

    a copy/paste from SimHQ post...

    Here's the feature list so far for Patch One -- it is not necessarily the limit ... but this is what we have so far though:

    Large number of fixes for reported stability issues.
    Updates to all cockpits
    Aligning HUD in wideview blk 40 cockpit
    HSI instruments lighting in down view (panel 100)
    Graphics anomaly popping up when damaged in 11 oclock view in blk 40/50 pits
    Changes to allow the cockpit buttons more visibility at night.
    Some missing ATC fragments in the debrief list added.
    Remove the vehicle magnification option from the MP screen.
    Instruments lighting keystoke Shift-Ctrl-L fixed
    Reset Track IR keystroke added Alt-C, T
    Minor fix to formatting of connection speeds
    Correct weather help button test.
    Fix for airbase distance.
    Coordinates added to the recon screen.
    Some errors in the TACREF corrected.
    AAA batallion removed from training mission 19.
    Training mission 2 changed to allow for ramp starts.
    Fix for some TE editing crashes.
    Allow OSBs to step the weapons in HARM mode.
    Fix for loading log book patches.
    Glance forward/back now work with TrackIR enabled.
    Various Alt-Tab errors caught.
    A-G Radar preformance improved.
    Fix for OCA target missing crash.
    Fix for AI taxiing when changing steerpoint (ramp start).
    Fix for combat Autopilot requiring double toggle in some cases.
    Fix for ATC aborting players on final approach.
    Fix for helicopter getting killed after exiting 3-d.
    Remove spurious popups over airbases.
    Fixed problem of AI not firing mavericks in multiplayer.
    Landing help removed in dogfight and instant action.
    ATC introduce more time between landings if departing aircraft are late.
    Takeoff button now places you on the runway unless you are in a queue.
    Fix for AI ignoring certain ATC instructions.
    TrackIR no longer supported in 2-d cockpit
    Fix for switching missile types in dogfight mode.
    Fix for crash in simplified avionics with the R key.
    Fix HUD range readout when guns selected
    Allow rudder keyboard keys to work regardless of joystick controls.
    Fix for dark horizon strip when making large yaw movements.
    ACMI delete option now deletes the files.

    Best wishes,
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    Re: 1st patch for F4AF soon, in it list...

    Thanks Magnum!




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