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  • Sundays flights

    Well we had some great flights and some not so great flights, but i think we're all learning a hell of a lot. Was definately fun either way. I flew a flight with 3 others this afternoon and we had a partially successful mission of taking out a factory.

    Flew another flight where i was shot down while enroute to killing some GM-T's.

    I started playing around with creating packages and i gotta say it's very cool what you can setup. Boogie and I had a 3 man flight going to bomb an airfield deep in enemy territory. We were loaded to the gills with fuel and bombs and a couple A-A missiles. STPT 3 comes up and Boogie has already jettisoned his load and i'm limping along like a frog while he keeps my tail clean. I later dropped my load and we engaged the mig 21's untill they had to bug out, we didn't get a kill on them. We head back base and Enroute find a couple bombers heading home. We engage and trail them going guns. I had 2 missiles and boogie none. He chased them around till his fuel was to low, I got one of the bombers after a long long chase. I start to head home (i kept 1 tank of fuel). Another target pops up into radar, this time not a mig, some other kind of jet. I forget but i took him out with my remaining missile and maybe 30 seconds later i'm dead in the water. No engines, they faulted. No power except to hud and radio and i can't get my engines started again (I don't really know how to anyway). So i glide towards home and eventually eject 3k from the sea. Boogie makes it home safe and lands.

    SIDENOTE: I don't know how but i was able to get my gear up at 500 knots.. I had forgot..

    Good fun though! and the server has apparently crashed.

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    Re: Sundays flights

    Yes, that Ground Unit attack mission was great also, Even though I didn't make it all the way. It was great flying with you two :)





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