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  • [GUIDE] Recommended Key Mappings

    Most of these keys are prioritized towards Air to Air combat. I am not an expert at the Air to Ground stuff (I don't really claim to be an expert at A-to-A either) but some of these should transfer over fine to also being used with air to ground (IE: Pickle Weapons).

    For Reference:

    {Current Key in Falcon BMS 4.32} : {Description in Falcon BMS 4.32} ({My crappy explanation of what it does})

    Radar Operations

    The following I have mapped to two easily reachable buttons on my main stick, as I use them quite a bit during combat:
    Keypad . or Del : HOTAS-TMS DOWN (This button locks [bugs] the target on your FCR [Flight Control Radar] usually on your left MFD, that is under the radar cursors)
    Keypad 0 or Insert : HOTAS-TMS UP (This button clears any target you have bugged in the FCR)

    The following I have mapped to the most easily reachable hatswitch on my joystick:
    Up Arrow : Radar-cursor Up (Moves the TMS up on the FCR)
    Down Arrow : Radar-cursor Down (Moves the TMS down on the FCR)
    Left Arrow : Radar-cursor Left (Moves the TMS left on the FCR)
    Right Arrow : Radar-cursor Right (Moves the TMS Right on the FCR)

    The following I have mapped to a hatswitch on my throttle:
    F3 : Radar-Range Decrease (Decreases the Radar Range of the FCR)
    F4: Radar-Range Increase (Decreases the Radar Range of the FCR)

    I have the rest of these mapped randomly to my stick in a pattern I am familiar with. If you don't have enough buttons on your controls to map them, then at least be aware of what they do.

    Weapon Operations

    Enter : Wpn-A To A Cycle Hardpoints (This will swap between all the missles your plane has aboard usually SRM [Short Range Missiles] to MRM [Medium Range Missiles] but if you have more then one type of SRM or MRM on board it will swap between those as well. Guns are always available, regardless of your HUD Settings mode)
    u : Wpn-Sidewinder-Cage/Uncage (This will unlock the seeker on the sidewinder -this is most useful when you have a target locked with your radar and want to make sure the sidewinder is targeting the plane you have locked and not something else in the sky, it will make a diamond appear on the hud that will fly to whatever the sidewinder is currently tracking)
    space : Wpn-pickle (This will fire a missle or drop a bomb, note that you may have to hold this down for some weapons, as things like the AIM-120 MRM take some time to spool up)
    / : Wpn-Fire Gun (This will fire your main air to air cannon)

    Defensive Systems

    x : Ckpit-Drop Chaff (Dispenses chaff countermeasures)
    z : Ckpit-Drop Flare (Dispenses flare countermeasures)
    j : Ckpit-ECM (This will enable your Electronic Countermeasures - note that if you are not operating your radar and activate your ECM, you can be spotted from much further away, this is an active system and is detectable by radar)
    d : Ckpit-Dogfight Override Mode (This drops your HUD into a really quick mode and selects your SRMs to be ready for firing.)
    Shift m : Ckpit-Master Arm On (This enables weapon launches, most simulations start with this enabled, but if your weapons aren't firing check this setting)

    Jex has his own post on this here: (WARNING: Some of these keys may not transfer to the BMS Version we have been running!!!)



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