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At last, I made it back :)

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  • At last, I made it back :)

    After being shot down behind enemy lines, I finally RTB'd with a new motherboard in tow so now, with any luck, my pc problems are sorted and I can at last do the job of making sure things run smoothly once more.

    To everyone,

    We are going to be making some strict changes to the way we run things here. We have two new potential IP's to add to the list (making us 4 in total). Going back to the changes, we are going to implement more immersive gameplay and start bringing everything together that we have been working towards so far.

    This basically means we are going to play more seriously. Flights will be structured wiht proper mission briefings, we'll adhere to the SOP's to make sure server stability is of top priority and we'll be having scheduled events for TE's (tactical engagments) with the idea of getting 16-24 pilots all in one big mission.

    We'll also be introducing an Orienteering flight that everyone will have to go through. From there, you can take the sim as seriously as you want but we would encourage you to take advantage of the IP's and learn as much as you can so as to make your experinec here second to none.

    I hope everyone here will join in on this venture as it should be exciting times for all. Let's all put in the effort to make our flight simming times something to look back on :)

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    Re: At last, I made it back :)

    Welcome back Jex! Glad you got everything sorted out!
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      Re: At last, I made it back :)

      Welcome Back Jex!

      The TG skies just wern't the same without you.





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