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  • When to sign up for a lesson

    Heya guys,
    Recently (past 2 days) I've been working through the manual and training exercises for AF, and I'm currently up to the section on landings. My query is at what point would scheduling a lesson with an instructor pilot prove useful? Would a lesson be helpful while I'm still learning basic maneuvers, or should I wait until I'm learning things like Air to Air and Air to Ground combat?

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    Re: When to sign up for a lesson

    Well, it's never too early. If you know how to keep your plane in straight and level flight then an orientation flight would be useful.

    Currently our training program is covering the basics; Cockpit Familiarzation, MFDs, Takeoff, Basic Ground Attack (mk-82/GBU & Mav/HARM), Basic Air-to-Air (HSD, RWR, Energy, Padlock, Basic Manuevers).
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      Re: When to sign up for a lesson

      Hey Munchkin,

      Squid has it right. The IPs on Tactical Gamer can help you at whatever level you are at. Just schedule a lesson with one of them, then fly with them. Falcon 4.0 is a constant learning experience, but as Squid said, it it NEVER too early to go up with an IP. Once you get a good foundation, the next step is to fly missions with other pilots on the TG Falcon server. Even if you don't fly a perfect mission (or even if it is a complete disaster), that experience will be invaluable. And, last but not least, never be afraid to ask questions. That is the way I have learned the most.

      Good luck!




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