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Patch Two (v1.03) is Live!

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  • Patch Two (v1.03) is Live!

    Hi All,

    Patch Two (v1.03) for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force is now live. This significant update is 12MB and can be installed in two ways. The first is to use the bfopsupdate.exe found inside your Battlefield Operations folder -- simply double-click the exe and follow the prompts. The second way is to download "Patch 1.0.3 EXE" (or the zip version if your firewall dislikes exe files) from the downloads area and run the executable. The patch will apply to either a base CD installation of Allied Force, or an unmodified Patch One installation. Make sure your Falcon 4.0: Allied Force CD is in your CD-Rom for either update.

    There are many improvements to all areas of simulation and these are detailed below. In addition, there is also a fix to ensure that Artificial Intelligence (AI) pilots attack air-to-ground targets more efficiently and more effectively. We hope you enjoy the enhancements in this patch and we would like to thank everyone again for their continued support and interest in Falcon 4.0: Allied Force!

    Complete Changelist is Below:


    ATC now responds correctly to "request landing number" radio calls.
    Fixed problem where ATC would occasionally identify itself wrongly.
    Training mission 09 Landing Final Approach wind direction has been changed to be correct.
    Request Landing radio call no longer adds the player's wingies to the ATC queue.
    CombatAP would use full afterburner forever, ignoring ATC instructions after a touch and go.
    ATC was not acknowledging the Abort Approach player radio call.
    ATC could sometimes clear the player immediately onto final approach even if they were at a high altitude. They now give vectors.
    Fix so that the correct tower responds correctly when the player is in Nav mode.


    Adjust altitude on AI climb-out to negotiate the mountains at Ivangrad.
    AI now ask for permission to attack ground targets if player has IP or target WP selected.
    Removed enemy ships too close to allied coastline.
    In specific instances, a 2D map flight unit could not change its heading until it reached the map border.
    You can now join a flight that has taken off from a runway which has been destroyed after the takeoff of this flight. Previously one was not able to join these flights.
    Fixed bug where wingmen would only perform one ground attack pass.


    Precision steerpoints can now be entered into the ICP. This allows players who recon the target in the mission screen to enter precise attack co-ordinates and create a steerpoint on the HSD and HUD at that exact point.
    For a ground radar in STP mode, the cursor snaps to the entered precise steerpoint position.
    F1 key does not cycle ACM modes anymore. If in an ACM mode and pushing F1, the Radar returns to RWS mode.
    Trees removed from Air to Ground radar display.
    Bullseye mode now preserved between 3D and 2D.
    EPU is no longer switched on when you join a flight in the air.
    Allow external lights functions in simplified avionics.
    AIM-9 no longer warmed when the MasterArm is set to SAFE.
    MasterArm status no longer saved/restored in cockpit configuration.
    Correction to prevent going into ACM Modes in MRM mode.
    Fixed bug where the RWR could end up in an endless loop thinking a missile was launched.
    Fix bug where an empty Hardpoint would be selected after launching a HARM, then switching to an AA mode and back to HARM again.
    DTOS Box can only be slewed if the HUD is the SOI.
    Adjustment of how missile Rmax2 ranges gets calculated from Rmax1.
    The gear down indicator lights will now show correctly when gear is damaged.


    New data for 2005 and 2010 theaters (weapons and loadouts)
    3D/2D damage changes: now scales per veh/weapon (M-60, T-80, T90, etc).
    Adjustments to sam firing and threat circles. Also they fire now at higher ranges according to altitude.
    Buildings cleared from runways and AAA / SAM units from structures.
    New F-16 CCIP versions for 2005/2010 campaigns/theaters.
    Fix for EA-6B Prowlers loading no weapon at all for SEAD Strike missions on a target without radar vehicle.
    Added Engineer units to Korea Iron Fortress campaign (requires campaign restart to take effect).
    Corrected some PAK names in Korea.
    Corrected some ship waypoints for better land avoidance (requires campaign restart to take effect).
    Tactical Engagement missions with altitudes set too high corrected.
    Reinstated news reports for Balkans campaigns.
    Better relocation in campaigns.
    Loadout improvements to J-22 and Tornado UK.
    Tactical Engagement Victory conditions can now use values up to 6 digits.
    F-4E/D aircraft should now have their wheels on the runway, and so no longer hover.
    MiG-29SM and Su-27SM are now available for SEAD Escorts and Strikes roles
    Command line -logfps added to record FPS logging to a file.
    Debriefs are being saved in a file "debrief.txt" in main folder.
    Raised cloud ceiling of overcast clouds, so they don't conflict with mountains.
    Fix bug where an ejected player with a communications window open would need to wait until the chute hit the ground before the sim could be left.


    Multi-controller capability added.
    Up to 16 different controllers supported.
    Buttons can be assigned to functions as desired.
    New User Interface screen.
    Autodetects desired axis based on movement.
    Fix for rudder keys not auto-centering when released.
    Force Feedback now applies Centering force.
    Cougar trigger detents fixed in the sample profiles.
    Digital TM fix for TMS button, RNG and ANT axis changed to analog.
    Additional keystrokes for pitbuilders added (seperate .key file).
    Saitek X45 profile: Changed Rotaries from using 'Bands' to 'Axis' for use with new Controller UI.
    Fixed errors in keystrokes file
    Removed duplicate entry for HUD Scales Type (Shift-Ctrl-Alt+H is no longer assigned, H key is the same)
    Removed duplicate entry for HUD Pitch Ladder (HUD FPM Shift-Ctrl-Alt+F was duplicate for Shift-Ctrl-Alt+P)
    Fixed function call for HOTAS DMS Right (Shift+NUM6)


    Manual addition included to document new controller interface.
    New key layouts included for a number of common keyboards.
    Tacref has had a few errors fixed.
    Improved FPS at airbases.
    Hardpoint changes to EA-6B so weapons are correctly shown.
    1024 res 2D cockpit blk 40 HUD data field aligned in all views.
    1024 res 2D cockpit MLU ECM XMIT lights fixed for all views.
    Cloud shadows lightened.
    Missing landing gear on some aircraft fixed.
    Updated missile burner effects.
    Shorter low smoke aim120 trail
    New CAF CF-18A Skins.
    Improved explosion effects.
    Support for 5:4 resolution display ratios (e.g. 1280x1024)
    Sky improvements
    blueish night blackened,
    increased light levels during the day,
    faster progression (dusk and dawn)


    Improvements to the handling characteristics of most of the F-16 variants.
    Improvements to the Mig29 flight model.
    J-22 and A-1H minor updates to performance and loadout.


    Improved positioning updates.
    Addressed issue of airbases occasionally not appearing for clients.
    Waypoint planning changes sent to all sessions in multiplayer.
    Fix an issue where changing waypoint times at one session in Multiplayer was not propagated to other sessions.
    Fix for password multiplayer window.
    Fixed the "security leak" on server password appearing in server list.
    Under specific conditions, the password window would not disappear now fixed.
    On connection to an internet server, first check if patch version matches, then theater.
    For Multiplayer cheat protection, set vehicle magnification to 1x regardless of single player option.
    Improvements to multiplayer client expiry / timeout / removal logic.
    Human flights should now ignore ECM/Smoke/Drop wingman commands unless they are in Combat AP.
    Removal of "ghost pilot" taking control after human pilot ejects (for single player too).
    Disconnected sessions or loss of connection to host is now announced.


    Further stability enhancements for Single Player, Multi Player, Tactical Engagement, Dogfight and Campaign, including CTD fixes:
    Alt-tab during exit from 3-d
    A number of graphical errors caught.
    Crash when cancelling missions.
    Memory corruption when AI aircraft do ramp starts.

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    Re: Patch Two (v1.03) is Live!

    Wheeeeeeee! Jex, will we patch the server straight off?


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      Re: Patch Two (v1.03) is Live!

      Thanks Lead Pursuit!
      New to TG?


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        Re: Patch Two (v1.03) is Live!



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          Re: Patch Two (v1.03) is Live!

          Originally posted by C3PO
          Support for 5:4 resolution display ratios (e.g. 1280x1024)
          LCD users rejoice! Thanks LP!



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            Re: Patch Two (v1.03) is Live!

            Damn for some reason it's not recognizing my Cougar microstick. ANT ELEV and RNG knob work fine but when it comes to setting the cursor X/Y it doesn't see it.

            UPDATE: Ok it works. A kind soul replied over at Frugal's on how to set it up.

            to get the microstick working you need to have it mapped to windows axes 7 & 8 in the CCP - windows does NOT recognise axes 9 & 10
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