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  • I apologize

    I sure do apologize, it seems I always come in to the server right when youíre beginning a mission.

    As I too would like to get some time in, I always seem to be left out of a nice MP mission happening. I will try and play on another server if possible its not the same as playing with TG and I noticed the game doesnít support people joining later, if some-one could post times of missions and training times it would make it easier for others that would like to get air time like wise in the MP games. I do not want to wait around for a mission to end that could take up to an hour to complete. I know I donít have the time to wait around so I just take off and find something else to do and I find my self not getting any hours or getting proficient with the Falcon F-16.

    Well sorry for my rant hope we can get the times posted somewhere. Iím PST and get on around 1630 hours to 2200 hours.

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    Re: I apologize

    Hey WolfSeven,

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting in on the MP action. Since there really are no set times for our games, you just have to hang out in the TeamSpeak channel and wait for others to come along, or arrange something in the forums. Generally, the best times are between 8:00 PM and midnight EST, but people often play earlier and later as well.

    Falcon is a weird game, in that it takes a long time to properly set up and fly a mission. You have to decide who's hosting, join up, find a mission, decide who's leading, do a briefing, recon the target, set munitions...that can take literally hours on multi-package missions (it's much shorter for single packages but you get the idea). Falcon is also picky and things have to be done in a certain order so as not to create instability problems. So it's really not fair to the guys in the flight for someone to join in late and jeopardize the mission when so much time is invested.

    Flights also tend to last an hour or more, so yes, if you miss the start of one, you have to wait for the next one.

    I feel your pain, but there are good reasons why we can't let people join in late and certainly not in the middle of a flight. But I will say that the time and patience required to organize a MP flight is well worth it, because we have a load of fun when we play. We are always looking for new pilots and the last thing we want to do is disclude anyone.

    Tell you what, I'm hosting a training mission tomorrow night at 8:00 PM EST and you'd be most welcome to attend that and get your feet wet with multiplayer. Part of it will be orientation, which everyone needs to attend in order to play on the TG server anyway. The rest will be some basic training. If you're interested, please post here so I know you're coming:

    If you can't make this one, there will probably be another one next week, and you can always send a PM to any instructor pilot, and they'll be happy to arrange a specific time with you. Check our availabilities here:

    Hope this helps,


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      Re: I apologize

      We'll have to look at scheduling flights in some way but in the early stages of the F4 community here, we don't yet have enough members who play falcon. As the player base builds up, we'll see more regular flights and scheduled flights as well. If it's any consolation, I live in the UK and don't get to play with a whole load of people. Just as I'm off to bed, everyone seems to get home and I miss out on those bigger MP games. I sometimes sit in TS for anything up to a couple of hours before I see someone.

      All I can say is that if you have to wait for a mission to play through, it's normally worth it as the guys will jump in and get another one straight after. Missions with 6-12 players really are worth waiting for. Good luck for the next one!

      One other thing, through 18 months of playing falcon, 1 hour is nothing. Some guys get together to play and 3 hours later a game still hasn't got going! But if you have the F4 bug, players are prepared to sit and wait that long because they know the mission is going to be completely immersive.




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