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C3P0 - question regarding air-to-ground radar

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  • C3P0 - question regarding air-to-ground radar

    I've noticed during the course of my campaign that sometimes my radar can pick up stationary vehicles while other times it can't, so I decided to do some simple testing by making custom test mission.

    In the first picture we have a BLK-42 closing in on an SA-5 site. Notice how the radar detects the ground vehicles.

    Next up is a Blk 40 closing in on the exact same SA-5 site. Notice how the radar sees nothing at the SAM site!

    Next up we have a BLK-50-CCIP closing in on the same SAM site but this time we have T-62's instead of SA-5 vehicles.

    Notice how the BLK-50-CCIP radar sees the tanks.

    Now we have a BLK-52 attacking the exact same site with the same T-62's but they don't show up on radar.

    So it looks like we have some inconsistencies here with regards to detecting various stationary vehicles in GM mode. Is this a bug or are some of the BLK variants able to pick out some stationary ground vehicles better than others? While I haven't tried all variants yet in my limited testing it looks like we may have a bug here.

    EDIT: this is with a freshly installed and patched (1.03) version of AF.
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    Re: C3P0 - question regarding air-to-ground radar

    Hi there,

    Thanks very much for the post and details ... I'll forward this to our development team and try to see if there is indeed an issue.


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      Re: C3P0 - question regarding air-to-ground radar

      Thank you!


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        Re: C3P0 - question regarding air-to-ground radar

        From one of our AI Gurus, Manfred "Schumi" Nelles:

        "I tried with the Block 52 and was able to spot them. Could it have
        been that they started moving around and then would only be visible in GMT
        mode ?

        "Can he can consistently recreate, and if so, he shall try to change to GMT mode (he can use the FREEZE mode as to compare instantly at the same position)."


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          Re: C3P0 - question regarding air-to-ground radar

          I've done more testing against stationary targets and to ensure that there's no chance of them going mobile I picked SAM/AAA batteries.

          One one test the BLK 52 didn't see them while the BLK52-CCIP did. I really don't know what to make of this. Again this is a fresh install of AF and patch 1.03.


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            Re: C3P0 - question regarding air-to-ground radar

            Hmmmm I think it maybe tied to whether or not trees are displayed .... still testing.

            EDIT Very perplexing problem and after tinkering for a couple of hours I think it may be tied to trees.

            I made one TE with a BLK50 versus an SA-2 site (stationary vehicles/launchers) and with trees on the BLK50 would not detect any vehicles or somtimes it would detect just a few. If I disabled trees it would do the same thing: either not see anything at all or just a few vehicles.

            HOWEVER, if I restarted the game (again with trees disabled) and flew the same TE the BLK 50 would spot seemingly all of the ground vehicles without problems.

            I did this several times with different BLKs and to me it seems tied to tree state. But the strange thing is that if you disable trees and fly the same TE, while the trees aren't visible, the vehicles won't show up unless you RESTART the game with trees disabled.
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              Re: C3P0 - question regarding air-to-ground radar

              Sounds very odd! Mmm... I'll pass this on, many thanks.




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