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Joystick setup problems

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  • Joystick setup problems

    I have a Saitek X45 HOTAS. I have changed the switch settings and saved them several times, but when I go and fly they will work for a short while and then revert back to the old settings or the switches will just not work at all. This is getting very frustrating especially when it does it during a mission. Any ideas out there? I have tried changing the file name when i save it and that didn't help either.

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    Re: Joystick setup problems

    Well, seeing as your new here to TG, Welcome to our humble abode (or gaming community) dedicated to teamwork, BamaGunslinger. please read the Falcon 4 Rules, Announcments and SOP's in the Falcon 4 forum group. im not into falcon 4 but more into BF2 and CS:S but you can try searching the forums for an answer to your joystick problem. i only use my Logitech stick for flying MSFS2004 and BF2 and it works fine for those. try looking to see if you can find a controls.con file or search under the falcon 4 website troubbleshooting. i wish i could be of further help. mabey Jex or Sarc will hop in and fill you in (the are the Falcon 4 guys, as far as i know).




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