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    OK as things have been busy lately, I haven't had time to get things going (as well as a holiday in between).

    We had our first admin meeting a while back and came up with a few things that will change. Some of these changes are to do with the way we play on and connect to the server, the other changes are to do with offering a more structured training program and getting some big missions together.

    Expect the server changes to go up this weekend along with O' flight qualification which all members must go through (oo-er :icon24: ). Training courses will take a little bit longer as we need to compile these and this will mean an awful lot of work for us admins to go through.

    We also need to get a weekly falcon night going. USN_Squid ran a poll ( which shows Fri and Saturday nights as the most popular (as well as 'any).

    What I propose is that we alternate each week with so Friday one week, Saturday the next and we'll attempt to get some decent misisons together.

    Now one thing you must all be aware of is stability. If we run a campaign mission we cannot gaurantee stability of anything over 12 players (we can always try for more though ;))

    If we make a TE (tactical Engagement), then we can expect to host at least 24 players, all on the same side. If you want to make a TE to be hosted, see this thread...

    The other thing of course is P2P fights - Falcon hosts dogfight mode. It seems the most popular is guns and rear aspect heaters, though I recommend we try a lot of different stuff as it will certainly help you out when you fly campaign missions.

    Personally I will be working on a TE to be played soon with 6 flights of four (24 players) and will post up the requirements shortly. I really recommend that everyone tries to get in on this as they are fantastic fun. Expect to see something soon.




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