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  • Server Changes

    Apologies to all this affects but I have noticed that there have been certain 'players' using our campaign server that I cannot see registered here at TG. This is not acceptable. This whole community is kept alive only through our Supporting Members. We do not ask that everyone becomes an SM nor do we think of anyone differently who chooses not to to become an SM but those people who just come into this community without so much as a hello ARE NOT WELCOME.

    Starting the Weekend of 25th of November the server password will be re-enabled.

    This Password will be open to everyone who has

    a) Registered here at TG (you don't need to be an SM)

    b) has conducted an O flight.

    An O flight will basically be a 15 minute meet to go over the server rules and a quick connect to make sure you are good to go. Please book an O' flight ASAP. I realise that a week may be a bit short and I will postpone the PW on the server if I have to so as to accomadate our community here.

    Please make sure you book an O-flight and can we all try to work on building a great community for falcon here at TG.

    Apologies for the upset.

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    Re: Server Changes

    Along these same lines, I don't know why anyone wouldn't enjoy this game more being able to communicate with their fellow Pilots. If ANY game requires excellent communication it is this one, and we have a TeamSpeak server bought and paid for.

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