We lost 3 days on the server due to it going awol again. Thanks go out to the mysterious player who isn't signed up on TG who kept joining/exiting/joining/exiting/joining/exiting/joining/exiting/joining/exiting/joining/exiting/joining/exiting/joining/exiting/ the campaign in the space of about an hour.

Joining flights in progress is NOT permitted on this server, neither is joining 8 flights in one hour. It causes problems which took me an hour and a half to fix. An hour and a half I could have been spending on making this TE for the weekend.

The password goes up this weekend. If anyone is in doubt as to why, it's because of the behaviour exhibited above. Make sure you grab an O flight so you can get the Password. If you miss out don't worry, you can grab an O flight later but the PW will only be given to those that have their O Flight.