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Falcon 4 and VMFA-531

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  • Falcon 4 and VMFA-531

    Hey y'all.

    I'm just throwing this up in the air - feel free to do with it what you will, including nothing if you so choose.

    I founded the VMFA-531 Grey Ghosts (See my sig for more info "VMFA-531...and you") for BF2.
    But that was a bit short-sighted, perhaps.
    TG plays many games, and there's perhaps no need for multiple squads for each game.

    BF2's lifespan is limited, but jet pilots in TG is not...

    There is already a bit of culture and notoriety in VMFA-531's presence and name. Tho none of the players currently intersect.

    It looks like you guys already have a squad (Tac-G) set up ... not sure.

    I don't really know what this would look like, or how it would be handled, but what I'm saying is that if we want, we can do some sort of merger of all the players flying jets in TG games into the VMFA-531 squadron.

    Now, before you get in some sort of pickle, no, I WON'T remain CO if that happens. Someone in the Falcon 4.0 group would pick it up.
    I know it begs a lot of questions - I can't and don't want to answer those now.

    But if you guys were looking to form up a squadron, and are interested in the establishment of the VMFA-531 identity, it's something we could manage.

    If not, then there's no reason to think about it one second longer. I have no idea. :)
    "You live and learn. Or you don't live long."
    - Lazarus Long

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    Re: Falcon 4 and VMFA-531

    Hey Strikefear,

    Thanks for the offer, however the Tac-G squadron was set up years ago and this is the name the flight sim community settled for here (and we now have our official patch). We also don't have a CO per se, rather one is appointed at the time of need though this usually resorts to some sort of bribery or threat of torture ;)

    Of course the rest of the simmers here should add their thoughts too, as I'm just letting you know what the state of play is here. I can't speak for everyone else and they are free of course to do what they like.

    Thanks for dropping in and hopefully some discussion will now follow on.



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      Re: Falcon 4 and VMFA-531

      Not a bad idea to unite the TG pilot community under one banner - however as I understand it, Jex has already done that some time ago. Of course that's not to say that there can't be other squadrons or even a merger if it makes sense.

      I'm pretty attached to Tac-G though...I feel like I've got an investment in Falcon (and I do - well over a hundred hours in training and combat, many more in reading manuals and training other pilots) and almost all of it under the Tac-G name. We've got an ongoing recruiting drive and we've begun hosting weekly tactical engagements that so far look to be quite successful in attendance. And we've just established a squadron logo/patch. I'm afraid that any changes would hurt our growing community.

      You know how it is - I'm sure you feel the same about the Grey Ghosts.

      I think you've got a good idea and intentions, but I'm strongly in favor of keeping Tac-G intact. I speak for only myself here.


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        Re: Falcon 4 and VMFA-531

        The two are very different animals. Pilots in BF2 are playing a VERY different game and have a different mentality than pilots in F4. In any case, if we WERE to merge them together, I would rather keep it something a little more TG oriented (Tac-G) rather than squad-oriented (VMFA).
        Diplomacy is the art of saying "good doggie" while looking for a bigger stick.


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          Re: Falcon 4 and VMFA-531

          Well, I had no idea that Tac-G was such an established name. It's immediately clear from jex's post that the offer of VMFA-531 to the REAL pilots just isn't needed.

          There was absolutely no need to do this, and I had no motivation or desire to do it other than that it might be of some help. I mean, if you guys HADN'T yet formed some official squad, why not use VMFA-531? But since you have, there's no need. And when BF2's lifespan nears it's end here at TG, so will VMFA-531's, so I thought I'd see if there was anyone I could pass it on to.

          Catch you all later.
          "You live and learn. Or you don't live long."
          - Lazarus Long




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