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  • Patch 1.05 News

    This post was in F4HQ From C3PO It read as Follows

    A little update for you guys on the status of 1.0.5. We've been using our autosim suite which runs the simulation in various modes: 21 hours ago a session was started and it's still going strong with 1.0.5. No memory leakages or stability issues. This suite tests the code in acceleration mode also, so it's the equivalent of a week's continuous play in some circumstances. That's not to say that any patch can be without its issues in terms of stability, but clearly you get the idea of improvements here. We believe too we have fixed the volume issue and several of the most troublesome issues. Force Feedback has also made a welcome return after going AWOL.

    Human testing continues hard too and we're making good progress. 1.0.5 will be a "full-sized" package (24MB). This allows anyone with any LP patched (or even vanilla) version of Allied Force to get all the updates we have released in one package. "When it's done" is the release timeframe. The team continues to work extremely hard and we hope you'll be enjoying the fruits of our labor in the not too distant future.

    I still might dance back to 1.03 myself till this come out and is used by other people....And see what if any issues they see.....
    Wont do that till I see what you Guys are doing......



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