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How is 1.04 working for everyone?

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  • How is 1.04 working for everyone?

    How are you all doing with the latest patch? I'm assuming it's going well for you all or I would be seeing some posts. I installed 1.04 about a week ago. I first had the CTD problem at the pie-screen because I used that bad installer (or whatever the correct explanation is).

    I then uninstalled AF, reinstalled from the CD, and then patched to 1.04 from the correct source. I was fine and dandy for the past week although I was seeing some of those odd graphics problems. I was never able to get a house on top of my Falcon but I would frequently find the plane enshrouded with foliage. Besides all that, the sim was stable.

    Things have gotten worse beginning yesterday. Whenever I try to launch into my campaign or any TE mission, I get a black screen with a 'frequency overrun' error after I click FLY. This error seems to be displayed by my monitor, or rather, graphics card because the font is similar to what my monitor displays when no output is present. I can alt-tab to my desktop where I can see AF running in task manager. My cpu, however, is at 100% with AF taking up 98-99% of the cpu.

    What is odd is that I can launch training missions but I get very odd graphics issues about 5 minutes into a mission. These odd issues involve graphics outside of the pit (the landscape) going black. At that point, all I can see is the pit where the gauges all seem to be working and the game seems to be continuing properly (i.e. bitchin betty, ATC).

    My specs: P4 2.6, 1g ram, 128mb G4 ti6800, Saitek X45.

    This all seems to have something to do with my video driver or resources but I am unsure as to why this suddenly started. I experimented with various resolutions but the situation is the same regardless. My normal resolution is 1024x768.

    I will be posting on Frugals because they seem to have several LP guys frequenting there. But any of you have any ideas?

    I was also thinking about going back to 1.03 but that will probably keep my from flying on the server with you guys. Is that correct?

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    Re: How is 1.04 working for everyone?

    As of now we are dealing with the minor bugs there are (RWR volume, ATC changing their minds on active runway, some others I forgot). We have talked about going back to 1.03 but no decision yet.

    As far as your problem goes, have you tried disabling AA in the Nvidia setup? Set it to Application Controlled. I heard something about this fixing some graphics issues with Nvidia cards, but I'm not sure it's specifically geared towards your problem.
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      Re: How is 1.04 working for everyone?

      I'm flyin 1.03...With all the show stoppers with the 1.04 patch and LP takin aim at the Stops pits, both of which I own, I don't see a real reason to go to 1.04.
      Tough not to really flame this whole scene.
      Anyone else notice that 1.04 and the new patch (1.05) are the same size?

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        Re: How is 1.04 working for everyone?

        I'm still using 1.04 with only minor bugs, runway traffic jams and the usual ATC dance around the skys. I've had no installation or Hi-tile problems. Still miss the stopworks pit but:row__538: , so if we go back to 1.03 I don't have a problem with that.


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          Re: How is 1.04 working for everyone?

          In SP I don't seem to have any problems whatsoever.

          In MP, on the dedicated server, there are problems with atc where they give half a call or don't call at all. Landing seems more abrupt in what they say (i.e. they now just seem to give a heading), but they don't seem to always tell me my final turn is lining up with the runway.

          As for the volume knobs, I have that problem and more stutters and freezes in game. Other than that, I haven't noticed any changes

          I certainly haven't seen anything yet that is a positive with this patch, but we'll hold out for 1.05 as it shoould be pretty quick in coming.

          Of course there are still innumerous bugs that seem to have been inherited in the old falcon.




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