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  • First online flight

    Had my first online flight tonight. After a short "O-Flight" with Fuzzy.

    Fuzzy Kilo and myself flew a deep strike mission against a factory. En route we were intercepted by three (?) Mig23's. I was following behind the Fuzzy and Kilo since I was staying away from the burners and Fuzzy was loaded lighter than I. After locking a MIG23, after 1 splashed already I fired a AIM-120 at the mig and was awarded with my first AMRAAM kill. During missile flight the other mig was downed.
    Over target there were multiple SA-3 (iirc) sites that I think killed Fuzzy than locked on Kilo, leaving me alone to bomb the factory and the loading docks.
    I was only supposed to take 2 passes but my first two passes I still had my drop tanks selected instead of my MK82s. So I took the liberty of another 2 passes while the SA-3s were busy with Kilo, thanks Kilo.
    On my first hot pass I nailed the loading docks then, jinked past the light AA and broke right for another pass leaving me pointed in my egress direction. That was a mistake. The docks and factory were an "L" shaped building and now I had to bomb around the destroyed docks. Still managed to put a bomb on target though adn got out of SA-3 range where I climbed to angels 10 and waited for Kilo to stop playing wit hthe SA-3s.
    After rejoining with Kilo we climbed to Angels25 for the ride home. Passing over an enemy airfield we came under AAA fire and Kilo was hit. He ejected safely and I informed AWACS requesting a rescue helo, which never came...
    Then the SAMs came. I was still nose cold and engaged my jammer. Dodged the first 3 turning into a dive on full burner to try to get speed to get away from the SAMs, if nothing else hide behind a hill. Well SAM #4 had my name on it, literally! I think Fuzzy zoomed in and saw it.
    I got hit at 600+ knots around 7000 feet with my nose pointed down. No time to eject and I died and buried myself all in one shot.

    At debrief it became apparent I was the star of the show though :)


    Fuzzy 3 A-A kills
    Kilo a bunch of MK-82 misses.
    Me, 1 A-A and 1 A-G kill with another damaged.

    Mission success even though we all died.

    In retrospect it might have been worthwhile to change the egress route to mimic the Ingress and avoid enemy airfields.

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    Re: First online flight

    Good mission report Tosh!

    If your ingress is clear, egress the same way :0


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      Re: First online flight

      Just following the steerpoints. Seemed kinda dumb having us egress over an enemy airfield.


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        Re: First online flight

        Nice report, Toshido. Lookin' forward to getting up and flying, once I finally feel ready to do that O flight.

        Nec aspera terrent.


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          Re: First online flight

          Originally posted by munchkin
          Nice report, Toshido. Lookin' forward to getting up and flying, once I finally feel ready to do that O flight.

          i spent a week and a half getting used to Falcon. Learned more in that first flight than a week and a half flying solo.
          Just get the O-flight out of the way and get in the air.




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