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News on the 1.0.5 Patch....

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  • News on the 1.0.5 Patch....

    No it's not here yet....

    "News Update: January 9th, 2006

    A service update on our forthcoming patch, 1.0.5. We're pushing ahead well, addressing a few nagging installation problems some users were experiencing with 1.0.4. The patch is still in testing and no date confirmed for delivery, but progress in the last week is very encouraging. 1.0.5 will also correct other gameplay issues. "
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    Re: News on the 1.0.5 Patch....

    Hurry up already! As soon as they come out with 1.05 it will be time for 1.06. Stop with all the patching madness AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    J/K It sounds like LP is working very hard hope they get the patch out soon so I can try it out.



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      Re: News on the 1.0.5 Patch....

      Hi All,

      While I won't give a firm time / date for release, we are very close now with 1.0.5.

      Incidentally, some people are reporting that they are having problems uninstalling Allied Force during the patching process or whatever. There is a great microsoft utility around which does a great job of helping things, if Add / Remove programs does not work.

      Go to this page;en-us;290301

      A third of the way down is the download link to grab the Installer Cleanup Utility package.

      Once you have downloaded the file, double click it and select "Run". This will install the package.

      Go to C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up and double click "msicuu.exe"

      In the list of programs that appear in the new window, choose (All Users) Falcon 4.0: Allied Force .... and at the bottom hit "remove".

      This should allow you to reinstall AF correctly.




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