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120 training mission hints, stuff that worked for me.

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  • 120 training mission hints, stuff that worked for me.

    I see a lot of posts on some of the sim forums that say the 120 mission is "impossible" or state that we should have blimps to shoot at etc... I don't think either of these is the case. You are seated in one of the finest fighters the world has seen, you have nerves of steel (ok, maybe aluminum, but definately T6 aluminum!) and now you will have a plan. This mission is more of a chess game than shooting fisn in a barrel. You have to think fast and act decisively.

    For credibilities sake, I lost the first attempt, I got flanked. The second one, one of the 120s missed. the third attempt, I smoked them all. Here are my rules and tips:

    1) If you get fired on, you loose.

    2) this is a BVR battle, keep the distance between you and the bogeys as far as possible.

    3) "Music on" can help you, and it can kill you. Learn how the jammer works, and that will give you a clue as to when to use it.

    4) If you get fired on, you loose.

    5) stay out of the afterburner, make smart turns, and stay in control.

    6) Your opponents have a larger gimbal range on their radar than you, so if you can't see them, don't think they can't see you.

    7) One last thing, if you get fired on.....

    Ok. This is what I did:

    First thing you will see, is a 29 about 25 miles out. Then you will see two more 29's just breaking through on the 40 mile scan. What you don't see is the 25 on the far left of your ship. He is not there to deliver pizza, so don't forget about him.

    You should immediately lock up the first 29, and go buster power, music on. You are trying to get your closing speed up, to give your 120 bigger legs. once the circle gets big, launch. turn music off, since he has to deal with your missile, he won't be firing soon. The other 2 29's are too far to fire yet, all is looking good. All except that pizza guy. So, here you need to keep the last 2 29's away from you, and get lined up with the 25, while keeping lock on #1 29 waiting for the pitbull call.

    Turn left, smoothly, and get the locked 29 about 10 degrees away from the right side of the radar screen (Left MFD in my case). When you hear pitbull, break lock and continue turning toward the 25, who probably has you spiked, and shouldn't have fired yet. Music back on, if he is farther than 20 miles, to try and keep him from getting a solution on you. Lock him as fast as you can, adn launch when in range, this should be fairly quickly. You should be thinking about the last 2 29's right now. you want to keep them as far out as possible. So move the 25 to the right side of the gimbal, and keep buster power. Wait for pitbull. when you hear pitbull, it is time for the last two.

    Turn hard right. You are probably lit up by the 29's by now, which is ok, you should still ahve music on, and that will hopefully keep them from launching. When they get within 20 miles, you might consider going music off, if they burn through the jam, the music will be a red carpet for their slammers. Get a lock on the first one. Launch. they are probably at 20 miles give or take. You should get pitbull fairly soon. Break lock and acquire the last 29. He will be charging for the shot, while his buddy is dancing like a ballerina, with your 3rd 120. Lock and fire as fast as you can, you don't have much time. last one will be pitbull almost immediately.

    This whole fight should be done in about 35 seconds, it seems like 5 though. It is fast. You should launch as soon as you have a solution and break lock when you hear pitbull and lock again.

    I have hat 3 on my Saitek 45 mapped to controll the radar cursor. It is the one that can be used to control the mouse. I set the sensitivity up in the profiler so the cursors will move pretty quickly. Also the button right by the hat is teh designate button. I map it to unlock when used with the pinkie switch. This mission really makes good use of the hotas setup. You will not want to be searching for the right key combo on this mission.

    A couple of hypotheticals:

    Since the 120 will go maddog, meaning he will look for the first target and go after it, you may consider breaking lock on the 25 (the pizza guy) a bit soon, so you can have distance on the last 2 29s. That may cause you to miss, which will give the 25 a nice view of your tailpipe.

    The jammer is to be used in an offencive sense only. It will get you killed if you try to use it as a defence. While you are on the 25, keep him to the far right of your radar, this will help keep the other 29s in the rear pattern of your jammer.

    Last thing. You only have 4 birds. You have four targets, each with (I am guessing) 4 birds. You have a 1 in 16 chance of survival, which lets us know that if you get fired on.... well, you know. There is a slim chance that you can head for the deck and dogfight him, keeping him slow, since he will stall faster than you, but it is pretty risky, since he will still have those 4 slammers. So the last rule is:

    1) DON'T MISS.



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