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excuse my ignorance, Q... on stopclock?

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  • excuse my ignorance, Q... on stopclock?

    Was just reading about that Stopclock mod (pits and helmets), went to the web site and they sure are pretty... especially those helmets... (web site is pretty cool too.)

    but do I understand this correct... they want 19 to 25 bucks for each helmet skin?

    When would you see that helmet, you can't zoom in that close in game... and not to clear on a fly by?

    and I know what a PIT is, but what does those pit skins do... aren't the internal pits realistic as is?

    just don't understand the purpose, or the cost... half the cost of the game for a helmet skin...

    not bashing the company, obviously I'm missing something because everyone is happy about it...

    I have F4AF since release, but do to my busy schedule I still haven't spent much time in it...still learning.

    thx for any info.
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    Re: excuse my ignorance, Q... on stopclock?

    Yeah, the cost is a bit much for the helmet/pilot. I bought the black skull one and question that decision. You only see it in cockpit when you pan your view to the limits. It cannot be seen externally. Without the pilot in the standard version you just see the back of the seat.

    The cockpit on the other hand is functionally superior as well as prettier than the original stock version. The biggest advantage I enjoy is the higher res text/graphics on the mfd/rwr/ded. It might not actually be higher res, I'm not positive. What I do know is they're easier to read!

    edit: the pit is only $12 I think and well worth it.
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