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  • All Pilots Please Read

    OK, all pilots listen up.

    We've been seeing a lot of instability in our present campaign, and we've had some complaints regarding pilots who aren't following the SOP's laid out by the admins. These two things are most likely related. This can't continue.

    Everyone should already be familiar with the SOP's - it's a requirement for using the server. In particular, the following things have been an issue as of late:

    - THE FLIGHT LEAD IS THE BOSS. All pilots in the package must follow the instructions of flight lead, right or wrong. NON-NEGOTIABLE. That's not to say you can't make recommendations or suggestions, but you had better by God follow his lead during the flight. Wandering off and doing your own thing is not an option. PERIOD.

    - Only ADMINS, or those given specific permission to do so by the admins, are permitted to do the following:

    - adjust campaign parameters and settings
    - add custom packages, including AWACS when they aren't available
    - move ground units

    Unless you have permission, DON'T DO IT.

    - No flying aircraft other than the F-16 on the server. There are surely very good reasons why Lead Pursuit did not give us the ability to fly other aircraft by default. Don't screw up the server by trying.

    I hate to have to be a hard-arse but we can't allow the actions of a few to ruin the enjoyment of the rest. You can always host your own campaign or TE if you want to make your own rules. But on the campaign server, you have to follow the SOP's.

    Look for more from Jex regarding SOP's in the near future.

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    Re: All Pilots Please Read

    Adding to this I will be posting up some new SOP's later that bring us a little closer to how things are done in the real world but also take into account the differences of online playing as the two are vastly different. These SOP's will become standard and everyone will need to learn them.




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