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New Mission SOP's

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  • New Mission SOP's

    These SOP's come into effect immediately. Start using them so you get used to them; before long they'll be second nature :)

    Mission SOP’s


    1. Flight lead is responsible for the whole flight and is in charge at all times. Do not deviate from the briefed mission plan unless permission to do so has been given.
    2. When contacting the tower for takeoff, do so just after the plane in front takes active. Never request taxi unless you started out at ramp. Make sure the plane in front doesn’t get too far in front of you.
    3. Take-off’s will follow ATC. Only take position on the runway if you are given clearance.
    4. If the flight gets separated, the priority is to bring the flight back together first, before continuing on.

    Air – Air

    1. Air – Air procedures will be made at briefing (i.e. how the flight will engage, what to do if someone cannot sort their target, engagement ranges, etc)
    2. Once the flight has been committed to engage hostiles, each wingman will lock up his assigned target and in order, will announce “x – has target”
    3. Once all flight members report sorted, they will then announce the bull’s-eye of their target, in order.
    4. If there are conflicting bull’s-eyes, the call will be “x same as x” – e.g. “2 bull’s-eye 212 for 23”, “3 same as 2”. Always sort around the least experienced pilot.
    5. If there are no conflicting bull’s-eye calls, the flight will then contact AWACs, in order, and declare.
    6. Once you have made your declare call, announce “x sorted”. The next flight member is then free to declare.
    7. On all calls, make sure you are clear and quick in your announcements.
    8. Make sure your target is destroyed (do not declare “splash” until you are sure your bandit is going down).

    Air – Ground

    1. Stick to the plan unless otherwise directed.
    2. An AWACs call will be made just prior to the IP.
    3. The IP will be no more than 10 miles long.
    4. Air – Air threats always take priority over the objective unless you are passed the IP.
    5. As you roll in on target, state (e.g.) “x attacking.” This ensures the flight knows who’s attacking, and from where (as stated in the mission briefing). An ordnance call should also be made (and checked) so the pilot knows he has the correct weapon selected for his particular target.
    6. Make sure you destroy the target you are assigned before moving onto secondary targets.


    1. When flight lead gives an instruction, all pilots will respond with their flight number.
    2. Comms will be kept to missions specific items unless flight lead authorises a lax state (i.e. you can talk about none mission specific items, e.g. your new car/wife/rabbit/etc)
    3. Learn brevity so comms can be kept to a minimum.

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    Re: New Mission SOP's

    BTW - these sop's will be refined and worked on. This is a 'working copy' - we need to find out what suits us best so please offer suggestions, etc




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