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  • Flight Logbook

    Alright, well being the "organized" person that I am, I like to keep track of my flights, so I created a webpage that I just printed out a couple dozen times, and whenever I fly, I fill it in. I've used it on a few flights now, so I think I have everything covered.

    I figured that maybe some of you would like to use it as well, so here it is. Inside of the .zip file are two .htm pages, one blank for printing out, one filled in as a template. Simply unzip to your Desktop (*or wherever*) and open it up -- it should be pretty self-explanitory... :)

    Attached is the .zip, as well as a screenshot of a filled-out form for your preview -- of course, you'll be hand writing these in, so it won't be as neat... :)

    (*Hope someone finds it handy*)
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    Re: Flight Logbook

    and just in case, here's a quick rundown:

    - Fill in Flight Name
    - Fill in Mission Type
    - Fill in Flight Members (*lead gets the first box, #2 gets the second, etc*)
    - Fill in Primary Target
    - Fill in Precision Steerpoint
    - Fill in Planned Times
    - Fill in Munition Types (*A-A max munitions = 6, so there would be 3 on each wing... A-G max munitions = 12, so there would be 6 on each wing*)

    During Flight:
    - Fill in Actual Times
    - Fill in Climbout Data
    - Fill in Angels Data

    - Fill in Missed/Damaged/Kill (*M/D/K*) Areas -- in the rare chance of a gun kill, just use the middle column
    - Fill in Item Areas
    - Fill in Pilot Status
    - Fill in Pilot Ranking
    - Fill in Mission Status


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      Re: Flight Logbook

      Looks great!

      In the pursuit of... something.


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        Re: Flight Logbook

        and for anyone who cares - here's the loadout configurations for the F4:AF munitions... never again do you have to wonder how many CBU-97 SFW's you can carry :)


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          Re: Flight Logbook

          and for anyone who cares
          Very nice, thanks


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            Re: Flight Logbook

            I still have two pages of my folder blank -- does anyone have any ideas on other things I could add to my logbook?

            I could make a listing of TS commands (*Briefing room, Flight 1, broadcast, etc*) I guess, but it would differ from person to person. Anything else? :)


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              Re: Flight Logbook

              We should keep track of what sound clips are played over TeamSpeak before/after missions.

              A list of impressions performed would be nice, too.

              Sound Clips:

              Towlie? Check
              Team America? Check
              Crickets? Check


              Dr. Evil? Check (You can go ahead and check this one for all missions ahead of time :))
              Evil monkey? Check

              Last night we had an interesting discussion going between Towlie and R. Lee Ermey. It was breathtaking.

              Good, good times...




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